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  • dusa1957 dusa1957 Nov 12, 2011 7:08 AM Flag

    Reason for "disappointing" unit sales growth

    They explained during the conference call that price increases have recently changed to being annual instead of spread out over the year. This explains why customers are deferring orders, making this last quarter only appear to be weak. A rush of orders just before the price increase will lump a disproportionate amount of revenue growth all into one quarter.

    You cannot evaluate growth of this company by comparing one quarter to the same quarter of a previous year, you must compare the entire year to the entire prior year. Apparently, this flew right by whoever decided to dump the stock.

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    • Beginning of Phase 2 will be announced in the upcoming 2 weeks!


    • I prefer this website

      More recent updates. Clear evidence of buying not selling.

      Let's hope for a change in trend.


    • I guess you were right about the institutional activity on Nasdaq and I was wrong. I hope I am also wrong about being skeptical about this company.

    • Where do you get your data from. Yahoo shows that insiders sold 940,000 shares which was about 18 percent of their total in the stock. Institutions sold 637,000 shares. It would not make sense for institutions to buy alot of shares and the stock to drop like a rock. () means stock sold.I believe the stock is near the bottom. If the stock dropped like this on an earnings beat, where would the stock be if they just met estimates. Out of the thousands of stocks, find me one American company that has a five forward pe and is growing its earnings over 100 percent or one that is trading for half of its 52 week high after beating estimates 3 out of four quarters? Some odf the institutional sales were when the stock dropped under 5 dollars. Unless something is wrong, this stock should be at 8 dollars.

    • <<< growing more skeptical by the day due to the large amount of selling >>>

      It appears that institutions bought around 700,000 shares in Q3. Unfortunately, this did not stop the stock from declining -40.5% in Q3.

    • This makes my statement seem more realistic adding the 100% yoy growth in income. Isn't it wierd that you will not find another American company trading at such a low pe that is growing that fast. You might find an Asian company trading like that but most of them can not be trusted. This company beat estimates 3 of the last four quarters in this bad economy and it is trading for half of its 52 week high. The best example would be if you saw a 2009 Ford Explorer advertised in the paper for $2000. The first thing you would think of would be there must be something drastically wrong with it. I would feel better if there was a small buyback or more insider buying. 24 million dollars is alot for this small company but it will not buy anything worthwhile in the sector. You are competing against companies with billions of dollars. I have used this product and there are ways to make it better. I am a shareholder but am growing more skeptical by the day due to the large amount of selling.

    • Well, whoever dumped "their" shares surely had "their" reasons, just like we had our reasons for buying at 3.50$.

      That's the way trading goes... sellers buyers it's all in the game.

      I tend to believe we should be trading 1.5$ higher the last closing. My estimate for a fair range value for this amazing fast expanding company is between 120M$ to 180M$ market cap. Around 5$-8$ share-price.

      What i like mostly about this company is that they never pay anyone to write articles in seeking-alpha and other websites even-though that could lift share-price much higher.

      You got to respect MM strategy. Looks like pure and genuine strategy concentrated on mass expanding and business growth. This could be going easily higher than 10$ in a year or two or maybe someone would buy this company before they're much more expensive.