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  • dantal2010 dantal2010 Nov 16, 2011 9:42 PM Flag

    Bullish engolfing...

    Tomorrow we're going to have a very good day with DUSA.

    A bullish pattern has evolved for a big leap in share-price back to 4$ for beginning then 5$.

    Time will tell.


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    • I just feel with only about 12% of the market,they just after some 6 years of being approved,still suck at what they do.This company must be sold to a larger pharmacutical that can really expose this great product.When I talk to most skin docs they would rather cut and not be bothered with multiple appointments and this lack of increase in market share is tiresome.Lets face on fact and that is the PPS sucks even with free cash flow and little debt so pray tell why do you want to own this stock?Adamo

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      • You call a company with a year over year growth of 100% "suck at what they do?"

        Come on shortie, you're too transparent.

        And you can take all the other multiple id's here with you.

        Just for the argument, if you're not shorting DUSA and losing what are you actually doing on this message-board? Trying to give moral support to investors like myself who believe in DUSA's amazing future? :)

        Well, like i said. You're too obvious and i hope no-one here let you fool them with.

        You're going into my ignore list. You're a bad man with bad intentions!


      • Hey Adamo, this is great - the last time you posted these views you were back in there BUYING the stock. Like they say, buy low and sell high - don't drive the stock up too much!<G>