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  • Any thoughts on why this dropped so much today?
    Anything said in London that could have impacted it? I
    have no idea what is going on but am concerned when it
    drops this much on no news. Any intelligent thoughts
    would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    • If you read the H&Q report on the DUSA
      partnership (out in March I believe) you will see the analyst
      commented that the stock had already run up ahead of the
      announcment from the 11-12 area to the 15-16 area in
      anticipation. He also indicated that he wouldn't be surprised
      to see some selling on the announcment but that he
      expected the stock to be higher after the news was
      absorbed. Here we are with the announcement a little late
      in a very skittish market so we've had the selling
      on the news AND the selling on no news. Since stocks
      go down a lot easier than they go up you get the
      inevitable overreaction to the downside from where we
      started. Today's volume was pretty impressive. All you can
      do is take advantage of inefficiencies like this
      when they happen. Easier said then done. It's not easy
      when everyone is yelling fire.

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      • 1. The annual report stated that the NDA would
        not be submitted to the FDA until the LATTER part of
        the 2nd quarter. We need to remember that even on an
        expedited tract we still have to wait at least 6 months
        prior to the FDA panel and then another substantial
        period of time until the final approval.
        2. Given the
        volatility of the market ,pipe dreams are cast to the
        On the other hand the annual report is plastered
        with the "potential partner". Is it possible that the
        sell off was due to a change of heart or breakup???

        The bottom line is this company has 1 product which
        has impressive results and is nearing the finnish
        line. What is the best way to handle a falling knife
        coupled with a product that has substantial upside
        potential ? Anyone look at the option volatility? I would
        suggest that if anyone has an account with H&Q it
        probably would be best to speak to the analyst directly.
        In addition if anyone knows the tel of the analysts
        covering the stock at Sunrise securities I would be happy
        to give them a call tomorrow

        The "sky may
        seem like it is falling", but I personally do not feel
        this is chicken little

      • Liked your post. Nothing's different with the
        stock today than it was yesterday. Here's a question
        for you: Did the analyst expect dusa to be higher
        than it is NOW after the announcement news is
        absorbed, or higher than it will be once the announcement
        hits and some start dumping. Mahalo.

    • i've been waving trhe red flag for a weeK! read
      my previous messages . This drop, asa is the one yet
      to come, is exactrly what haqppned the last trime.
      Expect it to settle at 8, kick up to 9 and drop to about
      6 till the end of the year. if you're nervous about
      your position butr want to keep it, sell those sept.
      or dec. 10 cawlls and pick up a couple of points

      the 300,000+ volumn today was nbo fluke. Theres stock
      for sale, and no more buyers to be hyped.

      in mind, I'm short the stock - so I am talking it
      down, but I've ,made lotsa money on the upside, now
      money on the downside. - I just happened to be right -
      as annoying as that is to the longs.

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      • What is your logic for the decline in the stock.
        I have read your post and seems conflicting.
        Nothing happened in the meeting that should have driven
        the stock down. I can find no news at all,concerning
        this stock. I have talked to individual that has made
        lots of money on this company and he is bullish for a
        big move tommorrow. Perhaps you should buy september
        calls to cover a few points. If you made money good for