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  • bdusa bdusa May 21, 1998 7:21 AM Flag

    Is this the cause of drop?

    Seems a Canadian comp. trades under hyal
    yesrterday recieved the Canada equvalent of FDA approval for
    their drug, a topical salve to trear actinic keratosis.
    This did not yet get US approval but has in European
    contries. Not sure if this is cause of drop but have seen
    similar events with other products when competition gets
    started INMHO if this is only variable DUSA will hold. To
    confirm put HYAL onto a news board you should come up
    with article. Still long maybe just a little longer.

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    • two days ago i mentioned 200,000 shares for sale.
      only 100,000 has traded so far , i'm told - the second
      lot is looking for a home. i can pretty much assume
      it will trade in the sixes but then, whats behind
      that? Them waiting on the partnership who are
      "institutional types" have got to be looking for the door. I
      think if somebody bid $5. for 1,000,000 shares they
      could walk away with it tomorrow.

    • How can anytbody believe me? I called thew exact
      drop - to where it is - I told everyone to get out -
      because I smelled bullshit flowing - I challanged you to
      your altered reality which busted - YOU LOST people A
      FORTUNE - I made a small one

      I never said 500
      naked calls but did say 100 sept 17.5s and sept 15s
      which there clearly is open.

      You are so full of
      wrongness that itr was specifically you and your hype that
      gave me the sell signal.

      Just yesterday you
      hyped the fundamentals!

      There is a lot of stock
      for sale . I hear H&Q did not send out a strong buy -
      in fact I hear that the researcher who has been
      touting Dusa may soon be looking for work perhaps at your

      And watch out what you claim that I say is untrue -
      so far I';m 100% right and you are 100%wrong.

      HELLUVA STOCK ! 5 points today!

      As to all you
      little guys who got burned by this ajuio's bull,
      remember, you can still protect with some call sales.

      better yet - i'll tell you 2 small canadian biotechs
      that i lkike a lot - do your homework - they will pan

      one is PTI on the toronto Exchange , PTI.TO, the
      other is traded in new york and i will mention it if
      someone asks.

      i still am curious. with all the
      advancewd wisdom i gave on the fall of dusa, is iut
      actually truethat no one heeded my warnings and sold the
      styock or sold some calls against their position?

      Its unbelievable to me that you all suckered to this
      one guy who obviously is connected inside who stopped
      you all from selling the stock while he must have
      known how badly the negotiatons were going.

      he's still there, doing the same thing - and you all
      continue to buy it . Omigosh friends. As I said, I am all
      cashed in. I have little or no stake. I made my money 2
      ways - long and short -

      but at this point I
      wouldn't touch Dusa with a ten foot pole - not witrh guys
      like this behind it and especially not before June

      lotsa luck

    • who can believe anything you say...

      If you
      think anybody believes you sold 500 naked calls against
      DUSA think again. There wasn't even the open interest
      that I've seen to support that.

      And now you are
      rumour mongering again about 'big blocks for

      go find another thread to live out you fantasies on

    • Thanks for the valuable insight BTE, even though
      it cost me about 35% of my portfolio. I didn't
      listen to you, but I did listen to the hypsters. Had 700
      shares at 12 1/4, now 7 1/4. I am very, very new in the
      stock market game. Have read a few books in the past 2
      weeks, and now realize where I went wrong. I bought when
      DUSA's price dipped below the moving averages. I bought
      on hype in "" I am beginning to
      realize it's a big poker game, with a lot of bluffing.
      Must do my own homework. Read the fanacials etc. A
      very hard lesson, but maybe it will sink

      Thanks again! You have helped. I would like to know
      where you get that info. Like "big piece of stock for
      sale." I use Etrade.
      Also, where I can learn to play
      the markets better.

      Thanks, John

    • just heard that there's a big piece of stock for
      sale, bigger than i thought and its looking fore a fast
      out. So, I was thinking of buying Dusa around these
      levels, but I think theres volitility down to 5, if not
      lower. So qalthoiugh I'm not reall short, since my
      uncovered calls will expire worthless, I do not intend to
      go long. I notived the call premiums are drying up
      as well. I would consider buying stock and selling
      calls against it for a downside protect but with the
      premium gone - its no longer worth it.

      Watch out!
      If I were long I would sell December calls

      I were short, I wouldn't cover just yet.

      notice other Sunrise stocks are getting beaten again too
      - Neoprobe back to 4,

      Stinky stock handlers
      - all over - especially the one who keeps telling
      me I am wrong.

      careful friends - dusa could
      have no tomorrow

    • I'm sure I'll find stock at 6 . I'm not actually
      short the stock; I just sold a carload of uncoverede
      calls. Of course the short would have been better but I
      got at leat $3.00 for over 100 calls aqnd theyu are
      all now 17.5s and 15s. I am a little worried by the
      desparation I senswe in the crowd. Actually I think there may
      not be a market for the stock if H &Q gets

      So, sorry I was so so right. You would
      imagine SOMEBODY listrened to me - I really saw it coming
      aqnd I see another shoe to drop. \


      I'll keep you posted.

    • The worst thing you can do as an investor is make excuses for a stocks failure. Its over dude, cut your losses and move on. I'm glad I don't hold your mortgage.

    • All I know on the subject of Hair is what the
      company has said. They had preliminary data which
      appeared very promising for hair removal. A call to the
      company might provide more info. Clearly Phase I/II not
      done yet on hair. Note that the study originated with
      the Doctor who developed some off the other
      techniques requiring lasers etc. on the market and he is
      very well respected.

      What is the value of this
      stock today on what we know? All we know based on
      completed trials is that ALA works great on AK. The US
      market for AK is reportedly $200M plus. Let's say they
      get 20% of the market the first full year of sales
      (calendar year 2000 approx.). Given a partner, let him have
      half. With 80% gross margins and no taxes to pay for a
      couple of years that gives $16M bottom line with less
      than 10M shares out. Over $1.60 a share on AK alone.
      I'd say today is an opportunity. Yeah it might be
      dead money, for a few days or weeks, or maybe not!

    • How do you figure that DUSA is undervalued at
      $7.00? No product, no marketing agreement=no sales. What
      if the NDA is not approved? I find it funny that the
      price has dropped over the past few weeks, then
      suddenly today's annoucement. If you are a small investor,
      you are ALWAYS the last person to know anything. This
      company is now at least 2 years away from anything.

    • It's tough to be happy about this, but remember
      that there is nothing fundamentally wrong with this
      company. I lost over 2 years of gains in the market the
      last month because I bet HEAVILY on this company.
      Today, I'm pouring even more in because this company is
      now tremendously undervalued.

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