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  • webaker_97 webaker_97 May 28, 1998 2:41 PM Flag

    It's over Dude

    If clinical trials showed failure of the efficacy
    of Levulan then it would be over. The stocks
    collapse is not due to anything other than very poor
    expectation management on the part of DUSA management. They
    should never have publicly discussed the agreement until
    it was signed. Stupid. They also should never have
    hyped up commercialization in their annual report.

    HOWEVER, the efficacy of Levulan is not challenged. It has
    had excellent results in several applications, any of
    which can make this company profitable.

    this morning, in a formal statement, Hambrecht and
    Quist reiterated a BUY on DUSA and aggresive buying
    below 8. They slapped DUSA for their negotiating
    practices, but remain impressed with the company and noted
    that the future of the company is "hardly dependent"
    on the finalizing of the deal that fell

    It's delayed dude, but it's not over.

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    • Yes, I agree. My only point is this -- once I've
      signed with the car dealer, I stop shopping. DUSA said
      they had an agreement (albeit "in principle," and not
      "signed") so why would they continue to shop? It sounds
      like the problem could have been with their "partner,"
      not DUSA...

    • I suggest that anyone who still may have doubts
      about the potential value of the levulan product get in
      touch with a practising derm and ask the doc if he/she
      would be willing to evaluate the background package
      that DUSA investor relations
      is willing pleased to
      provide .

      It contains all sorts of scientific
      background info that mds can evaluate -

      I did this
      exercise with my derm in miami and noted her positive
      evaluation in an earlier posting to this board.Nothing like
      talking to those who will ultimately decide the utility
      of the product...

      The contact person at Dusa
      who can forward the package is
      Shari Lovell in
      Toronto office.

    • Thanks for your response. If phase III results
      are true this stock is a real score, however I still
      have a problem believing management could be so dense!
      That answer just seems too easy to believe! I am not

    • Jack you know when you buy a car you visit multiple showrooms in order to negotiate the best deal. A marketing partner negotiation is not very different! Just give it some thought!

    • born or raised in usa. This does not limit me of
      posting my comments and thoughts. The reason i came over
      your board because one of your member came to our
      board putting up all kind of old negative information.

      check the reality......

      reality 1: hyalf's
      product was approved.
      reality 2: dusa lost the
      partnership talk.
      reality 3: dusa stock is going
      reality 4: hyalf stock price is going up.

      this is
      the last message that i will post on your board.

    • This board is breaking down into fan bickering. I
      don't want HYHALF posters to go if they have a strong
      story to tell. The big issue with HYALF is efficacy. Is
      there new data that has been published that shows it
      has caught or passed DUSA in efficacy? If there is,
      let's see it because it might change my mind about
      DUSA's prospects. If there is not, then HYHALF's
      prospects relative to DUSA's are probably very limited. To
      all HYHALF supporters, where's the beef? If it's
      there I'd love to see it.

    • Anybody know which institutions hold DUSA? I
      think alot of the volatity of the market is being
      caused by institutions dumping stocks at the slightest
      sign of a stocks weakness. Also I would never invest
      in a penny stock like HYALF, I don't care what their
      product is. You want to talk about stock manipulation,
      trade on the Nasdaq BB or PinkSheets! I believe that it
      is harder to get drug approval in the US than
      pratically anywhere else in the world, so what makes HYALF a
      lock for approval here?

      Another thought even if
      HYALF and Levulan are both approved, which one is the
      consumer (insurance company) going to pay for? My guess is
      the one that requires the least amount of treatments.

      DUSA has a good product which has been successful in
      its trials; it will find another partner in the next
      6 months and it in the long run will be a winner.
      The hardest thing for an investor is to stick to
      their guns when everyone is running for the doors.

    • How do you know they're not? If D had an "agreement in principle" with one potential partner, why would they continue talking to the other majors? Why all the negativity??

    • Dusa's not a scam, I think. I like the product. I
      think light therapy has a way toi go and Dusa was at
      the forefront. Nope I think its the stock peddlers
      who are scamming on a nice little company with a good
      idea but too controlled by the "insiders"

      at last week's activities - Everybody for sure knew
      the "talks" were bogged down. The stock continued to
      slide while our friends on the internet were screaming
      "buy now!" (as they were probaqbly

      That's where the NASD may step in. Also - if This stuff
      (PLT) has potential but no sales and no buyers , no
      earnings, no real product, but a good idea , escpecially
      for cervical cancer applications , if all that is
      true - unless someone buys them out for no reason -
      whats it wotrth? - its an idea withj a partial

      So i hope all the hpesters walk away and leave the
      company to itself. I think theres a real thing

      But that wont happen - they'll be in here touting the
      stock as soon as I post this - its all OK

      aS of
      now, I'm dflat - iof the stock goes back up tp 8 or 9
      I am actually selling sahort as opposed to selling
      naked calls (my prewviousa strategy.

      If it drops
      to 5 , I may take a trading shot as long as I can
      saell calls against it (like the DEcember 5's at

      thqats my exact strategy - i've made big dollars in it
      on both sides so far - maybe now i'll be wrong. if
      so - c'est la vie

      but to current stockholders
      - i still say - beware - it could all dissapear.

    • First, your grammer could use some improvement.
      Second, you are the most annoying chatter on this board.
      If there is any cognitive functioning left in that
      very little brain of your's you would take this hint
      and leave. I'm sure i speak for all DUSA
      shareholders. Go away we don't want your opinion anymore!!!!!

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