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  • ajiuo ajiuo Sep 1, 1999 10:46 AM Flag

    The Sound of Silence

    An oldy but goldy

    nothing beats anticipation

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    • It appears h wilson 35,lemmy 755, Erics 435,
      lenny 380, are just trying to scare people out of their
      stocks, posting several message boards with a dead end
      posting saying see what "American Investor" has to say
      about your stock. It appears these are different names
      for the same poster. Amazing how many scams there are
      out there in Cyberspace.

    • >Just for amusement, try to find another stock
      that looks this perfect on

      problem: AAPL. It will be at $120 by march, I would say.
      Analysts have greatly underestimated the quarter they are
      about to have.

      3 new products, plus MacOS 9
      released this quarter. February will bring the release of
      MacOS X.

    • I'm long DUSA and already nicely in the black. I
      averaged down after last year's unfortunate stillborn
      partnership announcement. I concentrate on product,
      fundamentals and news, but TA intrigues me.

      Just for
      amusement, try to find another stock that looks this perfect

      Love this message board. It has helped me alot over
      the last year. Thanks to all you thoughtful and
      knowledeable ones. Its glory time for DUSA and her faithful,


    • Thank you for sharing. I read your post Fri. nite at midnight PST and went to bed with a smile on my face. PG

    • would be tracking people that receive the drug after approval. No more studies before approval.

    • Thanks for the post with your synopsis of Panel.
      Now we have the Manufacturer letter and Panel out of
      the way and can get back to anticipation of
      Partnership and Approval. There's but one question I have
      about your post. The sentence I'd appreciate your
      explaining in terms of the anticipated time of Approval is
      as follows:" Good points came up about labeling and
      possible further tracking studies." I'll not speculate or
      interpret and look forward to your response. Thanks in

    • So kind of you, to share some of the gray matter in that noggin of yours, with us.

      Very much appreciated.

    • I'm an "old-timer" long in this stock- Anyone
      remember Deprenyl Research LTD (now DRAXIS HEALTH INC) and
      its spinoff (Feb 92) Deprenyl USA Inc ? Deprenyl USA
      later changed to DUSA (June 93). I appreciated your
      taking the time to key in your observations of the FDA

    • Everything came out positive for DUSA...could not
      have had a much more postive result.

      No vote.
      Panel gave recommendations to FDA on labeling and
      followup data to be collected over time. Given the panel
      was about 11 academic Derm (plus 1 opto) and 1
      consumer advocate, you got the usual technical
      disagreements/arguments with each other/etc., but upshot was very postive
      for the company as no specific restrictions given to
      FDA. In fact, because the FDA had already issued
      approvable letters to DUSA, the FDA was in some sense in the
      same position as the position of defending
      the work done to date. The FDA clearly feels this is
      important technology and wants it fielded as soon as
      possible. Good points came up about labeling and possible
      further tracking studies. But even when a given panel
      member seemed activated about a particular technical
      point, statistical or otherwise, it was clear they
      wanted the product to be advanced. At the end, the
      chairperson publicly thanked DUSA for all the years of work
      to bring a product to the market which was going to
      make their jobs as Derms that much better. An unusual
      way to end. No vote. No need to. I expect the company
      to put out a press release Monday documenting the
      conclusion of the panel but it clearly can't say all that
      much except the panel came, and went, without getting
      in the way of product launch. If anything, the panel
      really did add to the understanding of important points
      to be followed up on later. The consumer advocate
      was interesting in that she raised many good points
      which need to be followed in the actual implementation
      of a launch in order to make sure the general public
      knows what it is and what to expect from it. The FDA
      praised DUSA a number of times, and in particular on good
      execution in the device area. The panel members were
      typically chairmen or highly respected members oof various
      Derm departments from Harvard to Stanford.

    • Curious as to your take on the events of the day. Care to indulge us with your thoughts?

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