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  • dorothyd37 Mar 19, 2008 7:54 PM Flag

    The Calvary May Be Coming

    well well what we have here now?a rat?

    Received word from Peter that he has NOBO in hand; has found a major discrepancy; and has been reviewing the docs w/attys. today to determine proper course of action.

    From what I understand, the details w/b made public once the problem is pinpointed; NOT BEFOREHAND.

    Let me just say that this man is Pixxed. Anger does not adequately describe what this man is feeling at this time.

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    • Well if there is no P/R as promised next wk. announcing details of the explicitly confirmed contract, with a promised release date expiring next Frid. I'll make sure that there will be folks at the SEC, whom I've dealt with before, will also be very pixxed. I did mention that I belong to a small cap investors advocacy group whom have won several successful class action lawsuits against CEO's and BOD's who have released false and misleading P/R's for the sole purpose of selling shares at the expense of the common shareholder.

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