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  • dbuser_98 dbuser_98 Jun 27, 2005 12:13 PM Flag

    It is more likely to go up from here.

    NVLS has already had a 50% retrace from its recent high ( 27.4). Downside is limited!

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    • you are a piece of trash and even more stoopid than swine. mute me if you like cause i am gone anyway.

    • i am not ashamed of trying to bring honesty and decency to this board. i did it for many years and it was rejected by filth like you and swineflower.

      you and that ilk can go rot in hell. have a nice time together.

      i am gone and i only came back to see if shrugg is still around. seems he is gone.

    • over 60% retrace. Correction

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      • What happens when the company doesn't meet 2nd QTR and they forecast lower moving forward, lowering their forward P/E below the TTM? What happens when the big 2nd half rebound is delayed indefinitely? Oil is over $60 and isn't going to fall soon. That nut who got elected in Iran will definitely muddy the water with his pro nuke stance causing more worldwide angst. Interest rates are expected to fall in the euro zone as worldwide economies are starting to get singed by oil and are becoming stagnant. This isn't a US based worldwide economy, everyone is involved. So far the only growth is in China and India as they steal more jobs with low wages alla large export imbalances. Don't expect those consumers to buy our high end products. Hmmm, another signal, mp3 players sales are falling. I guess the consumer wants to eat first and play later.

      • According to the greatest NVLS stock caller to ever grace this board, NVLS should be rated by him as 'do nothing right now'. I learned his system over several years and can speak with a high degree of certainty as to what he would say.

        It is not a buy or a sell right now, but merely wallowing in the middle. The direction is down. There is no need to sell if you already missed out on doing so at 26.75 or higher as I suggested based on the Great One's system, and there are better prices ahead if you are waiting to buy.

        I will make a definitive call when it is time. For now, just sit back and enjoy the online humor of Barbpig the Batty and his BOSS!!!!

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