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  • electro999 electro999 Dec 24, 2010 12:31 PM Flag

    Why did this stock reach $24?

    And then drop to $10 -- a drop of 60%.

    On NO major news?

    Either it's a Big Scam (aka Al Gore and his Hot Air movie) and you can't trust its earnings and revenue;

    Or it's being manipulated big time by somebody.

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    • Telestone Technologies Corporation provides access network solutions primarily in the People’s Republic of China. Its access network solutions include the research and development, and application of access network technology. The company designs and sells electronic equipments, such as WFDS products, RFPA products, passive components, repeaters, radio frequency peripherals, and base station antennas used to provide access network solutions for 2G, 3G, broadband access, and CATV networks. It also provides project design, project management, installation, maintenance, and other after-sales services. In addition, Telestone offers coverage solutions, which cover indoor and outdoor environments, including hotels, residential estates, office buildings, airports, exhibition centers, underground stations, highways, and tunnels, to the telecommunications industry. Further, it provides 3D solution, a third generation indoor coverage solution, which utilizes fiber technology in the radio frequency signal distribution to transmit high speed data signals; and the PHS system optimization solution that addresses network coverage, network planning, network capacity, and network disturbance issues of wireless networks. The company was founded in 1987 and is headquartered in Beijing,

      The CO is in the Telecom business and has been for 23 years. Technologies have changed 100% in 23 years. This Co like any Co will change with the times. It will react to changes in technology and the market place. If you believe otherwise fine. History has shown this to be the case.

      I have money long, but it certainly isn't my largest holding either.

    • Why are you quoting and linking an article that is over two years old? Can you show us the products that are in the market now two years later? This is just some random garbage you dug up to fabricate some stupid false straw man.

    • LB:

      Thanks for the article excerpt. It's going to be interesting how this turns out, especially with the FCC voting in favor of net neutrality. Verizon, AT&T, and Paul Allen's company were the big winners at the white space auction. In countries like the U.S. There's no problem transmitting because of our method of building structure. The problem in Russia, China and much of Europe is the use of a wire mesh in the plaster; essentially a Faraday cage. The easiest way around it is locate your device near a window, or, if you happen to be in a windowless environment that old staple, an antenna works wonders. I've seen Sprint, Clearwire and Cricket systems with 1 antenna on the building and a series of repeaters. You also have many situations where the roofs are alot easier to penetrate with a signal than the walls. roofs tend to be more permeable. As far as transmit and receive there's usually 90% or more receive and only 10% or less transmit.

      In China there are a lot more new buildings than old; so, I don't think WIFI on steroids will have a problem. I do see a market in Europe, though with a lot of cotto, slate and copper roofs. TSTC must see the end of the big3 business coming. Once the network is built out that's it except for maintenance. Thus their WFDS rollout and push.

      I have an office in a building built in about 1921. Granite I beam structure; real 3" plaster; used to be advertized as earthquake proof. My Cricket wireless modem works just as well in rooms without windows as rooms with windows. The reason is signal bounce. The project in a Houston touted on this board is most likely the hospitals own intranet and uses a lot more than just TSTC's WFDS. Sprint has a WIFI system it's testing in 6 or 7 markets and its range is about 30 square miles. It seems like just yesterday we were hooked up to the phone line at 56 bps and connecting to bulletin boards.

    • Boepd,
      I stand corrected it is primarily the 700MHz band that has been mostly dedicated for emergency services.
      The rest of the bandwidth which is technically from 698MHz to 806MHz have been purchased by companies like Google, Microsoft Dell, along with other various wireless cell phone carriers. These companies are primarily planning on using the space for wireless internet services. Some call it the Super WIFI connection.

      Below is an excerpt from an article

      In a nutshell, white space is the unused slices of spectrum that exist between television broadcast channels. Some of this spectrum is used by wireless performance microphones, but the majority is vacant. A proverbial wi-fi on steroids, this unused spectrum is highly attractive as its signals can travel over large distances and penetrate deep into buildings.

      I understand your point about the WIFI on steroids,but
      (and this is where my technical knowledge is limited)
      Do we not still need powerful transmission devices to relay back to the receivers to get these devices to perform to this WIFI on steroids super performance?


    • I probably used the wrong term, short against the box. I sold at ~$15.00 and simultaneously, or within seconds, shorted at the same price.

    • short against the box is a zero-sum game. Please explain how you will come out ahead of the game when all is said and done?

    • You're confusing me with Creed. I was long at $18.00; shorted against the box at ~$15 and change and I'm still waiting to cover.

      BTW, are you really from China. If so, what part?

    • I guess you're just not bright enough to realize the door swings both ways in this game. On second thought, let me take that back. I know you're not bright enough.

    • If you were sure you are with them, you would not be here! They will cook you again as they cooked you when you shorted in the high teens.

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