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  • lbcamera lbcamera Dec 26, 2010 2:18 PM Flag

    WIFI Super Highway & TSTC

    With the new Frequencies now freed up by the FCC, which the major carriers are using for Digital TV etc... These new
    frequencies with the proper equiptment will allow signals
    to penetrate through building structures and concrete walls.
    I'm wondering since TSTC's technology basically does the same thing how will they survive?
    What makes their product different or superior than what this new frequency band can do?
    Who will use them and why?

    I would like to get everyone's perspective on this and their
    investment strategy going forward where it concerns TSTC.
    Where will their growth come from?

    Best to all

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    • Don't know enough to answer this. Higher frequencies in general can penetrate more. However, this might open up more comptetition, but maybe also allow TSTC to take advantage of these new frequencies. In any case, TSTC has never been the only game in town. It does not appear that they are behind the competition, and the market is booming.

    • In order to answer your question, I believe I need to figure out all the technical details of WFDS and its function. And how easy the product and compatable with BIG3 equipment, which I think is impossible for me to complete. As well, I need to understand the requirement of this new technology for future Telecom carriers. Sorry, I don't have time and energy. And indeed I think it's not worth for me to try, after all, I am just a small stock investor not a business man to start a telecom company anyway.

      Hope you all have great holiday. Good Luck to you all.

    • wow, I believe this is only limited to USA.
      Besides you said in your statement, this new frequency with proper equipment, oha, the word proper equipment here.

      Don't you need investment for a proper equipment to use this new frequency which has to be a platform and compatible to BIG3.

      You got remember this WFDS is not just a product, it is a mature platform to provide a intergartion solution to BIG3. Competitors always available in the market, why IBM and CSCO co-exist in the market, why HP,orcle, and dell, why GM, HONDA,and toyota,? A new emerging competitor will need to pay triple times of effort to get into market and survive.

      Wheather they can survive is depend on many thing, like technology,marginal efficiency of their investment, sales relationship, and so on.
      In order to produce a mature technology is not an easy things that you can complete in few months, you need both hardware and software engineer to design, programming, test, and retest before its completion.

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      • The original intent was to use this white space for
        emergency services. But as I found out a percentage was allocated to emergency service while the rest of the spectrum was auctioned off to Google,Dell and some other wireless carriers. Now frequency allocation has absolutely nothing to do with how that signal is received. That is where TSTC steps
        in All of these devices require indoor wireless coverage to operate effectively.
        TSTC makes this kind of device that integrates wireless cellular, cable & Internet all in one shot per say,rather than having separate devices for every service.

        It is TSTC claim that no other vendor has a product that integrates the Big 3's technology in one solution.

        Will there be competition ahead? Absolutely!
        It will Tstc's job to stay ahead of the curve and take advantage of the head start they currently have.

      • The bandwidth is world wide; it's not limited to any particular country. TSTC's problem is it controls no bandwidth and uses equipment antiquated by the new WIFI on steroids. There's no doubt in my mind there's a company in China working to put out this WIFI on steroids. As soon as their stock is available I'll buy it. TSTC is like comparing a Lexus to a Packard. I really believe that unless TSTC gets up to speed its going to disappear. It's days in the sun are over unless there are some big changes coming; and I don't hear of any from this new PR firm.

    • you subject is interesting, I am investigating.

      But the message I am getting from the following link is somehow in conflict with your message.

      It says with the completion of the digital television (DTV) transition on June 12, 2009, television stations no longer use the frequencies between 698 and 806 MHz (the 700 MHz Band) for broadcast. These frequencies are now being used by public safety entities (such as police, fire and emergency services) and by commercial providers of wireless services (such as wireless broadband services).

      BUT YOU SEEMS SAYING THAT NEW FREQUENCIES FREED UP WAS USED BY MAJOR CARRIERS. or am I misunderstood here? give me sometime, I need to find more information.

    • You are a fraud. I originally thought it but was momentarily thrown off. I am reading the last of the larsson trilogy and not paying attention. You and boepd. And no need for a reply.

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      • Debbie

        A Fraud???? You really need to come up with something else better than that. I'm trying to open up an intelligent dialogue and you call me a fraud?
        You won't reply why?? I think it's because you haven't really done your homework.... not because of your LARSSON TRILOGY theory.

        Although Boepd and I have some differences in our viewpoints
        at least I can respect him for his intelligent post and informative arguments. You are the other hand just type in Caps and rant about A/R's, DSO's Short interest and other nonsense. You pump and pump and pump!!!! Why don't you just defend your position like posting aome information that is useful. Like saying something like....

        Tstc designs,engineers and sells RF-based local access network solutions for indoor and outdoor wireless coverage, and that their WFDS solution is an industry-first solution capable of providing integrated services on a single integrated platform.

        ( Now that's a big deal for me!)
        To have a low cost piece of equiptment that can address
        mobile wireless cable and Internet service on a single platform.

        Now there is some info you can sink your teeth into

        Still wishing you the best regardless of any name you might call


    • Three things of note were said in the mid quarter CC call, or guidance call. WFDS now makes up 23% of TSTC's sales; In 2011 it will make up 40% and DSO will be up significantly in Q4, 2010.

      WFDS does not strengthen the signal; it's more like a repeater. The signal bounces from antenna to antenna until it gets to your device.

      The fact that 40% of sales will be from WFDS in 2011 tells me less money is going to come in from the big3. So either the communications system build out is ending, or there's another supplier.

      I had thought Q3 and Q4 were when TSTC gets its A/Rs paid. Now they're playing a different tune and saying DSO will be up in Q4.

      If 40% of sales will be from WFDS in 2011 you would think there are a lot of contracts lined up already just to make that prediction. All we've got is Houston. Something wrong say Charlie Chan to No. 1 son.

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