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  • unclefulbert unclefulbert Nov 25, 2011 11:03 AM Flag

    come home NOW!!! “state secrets” US. Aint Inspecting SHET!!!


    Why's it that the books of snoff, yong, yong, tstc, hrbn etc to be open for P&L verification a problem when the US defense industry giants 10Ks are for public peruse?

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    • “state secrets” is what they Say

      My Thinking is,The Peoples Republic of China Doesnt
      Want US. Govt. Officials All Up in Thier Buisness

      Considdering they are a Communist Country,They Likely think they Are Spys.China Would Rather Bring Every Single Chinese co. Listed in the US. Home,Than Open thier Country Up to Spying

      Call Chairman MAO & Ask Him?

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      • msKelly,

        Well, poor excuse for not making their books transparent to protect the mom and pop investors.

        Recall in the old days, US military programs were all designed and manufactured with components made in USA and workers must have various degrees of security clearances. Since the 90's, little by little, many military contracts use qualified components that are fabricated, assembled and tested overseas.

        China could still keep some of her mil programs captive but must open their books for verification.

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