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  • samm_ssj samm_ssj Aug 30, 2012 5:25 PM Flag


    After reading so many messages on this board. I think this company will be bought or will go private at dirt cheap.because the management does not look honest and it is completely manipulated. No definite answers to some questions. If there is so much in future for the company why the price does not go up. It means somebody is manipulating to take it down and accumulate as much as possible for cheap and buy the company by paying 40 to 50% more that means mostly for 2 to 2.25 per share. Management will be rewarded privately from the new company and nobody knows about it.

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    • I believe you that he bought them...but he could have sold them...r shorted vs the block ect...alot of ways around actually being long them.

      W/ CXTI...most investors felt they'd get some back via the large share holdings the CEO had and the stock was still trading just under a buck a went away basically, there was a market maker at a penny/5 the end.

    • "As with CXTI...the CEO bought shares at many times...and never sold any shares... But when company disappeared and the class actions came...NOTHING was found...NOT ONE SHARE OWNED/HELD anywhere..."

      For what it's worth, when Han bought shares in April and October last year I watched the transactions on level 2. The big buys really were made. By somebody. That was a long time ago and he's made no purchases in almost a year, but those were real. And now he's down 70% or more like everybody else. But he bought what the filings say he bought. FWIW....

    • As with CXTI...the CEO bought shares at many times...and never sold any shares...

      But when company disappeared and the class actions came...NOTHING was found...NOT ONE SHARE OWNED/HELD anywhere...

      If you can lie about A/R's, you certainly can fake insider purchases too...or hide sells.

      There's been alot made out of Ponzi schemes...people get away with it for years, eventually they get caught when the NUMBERS just dont make any sense any longer...

      In 2009, TSTC's A/T's weren't this horrible, they were bad but acceptable and their word on improving it kept investors thinking the company was legit, just bad at A/R mgmt...

      Now, it's way past that stage, the nig 3 dont have A/P's over 12 months yet TSTC says they haven't received hardly anything from them over 3 years? 1200 plus days?

      The numbers dont make sense...Hans CC about slowing down sales so the A/R gets better? REALLY? Inventory numbers are sky high and they are purposely going to slow down sales? The companies report/numbers are all a farce IMO...

      As far as shorting...many have shorted much higher than here, this stock cant break 5K this week...volume is dieing...the company is dead...just a few suckers buying and a few smart ones still salving a few bucks.

      If the numbers were even close to being true...Hans and his whole family,friends, the big 3 firms, investment firms following china would be buying this rapidly...instead a slow volumeless death.

    • why would management want to be paid privately, if they can accumulate shares right now, paint a rosy picture to force PPS to go higher, sell their shares and declare bankruptcy?

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      • they have been painting a rosy picture for years...over 3 years A/R and they claim they will be paid?

        they have over stated rev's bigtime...

        Han's has robbed this company...those shares are another smoke screen to get new investors into this ponzi scheme...and keep stock price high.

        they've been outted by a couple "fraud finding short firms"...their A/R's are completely "non-conforming" as it refer's to the big 3...they are good payers and have no A/P's over 12 months yet Hans tells us they haven't paid for 1200 plus days? yet he expects it all to be paid?

        He's spew BS right out that pie hole of his...he's a liar and trying to keep the ponzi scheme alive as long as possible.

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