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  • I have been having some interesting conversations with the SEC, Fraud Division( Tips & Complaints). Furnished them with the company's claims of sales, DSO expectations, copies of conference call transcripts, Statements form Daqing stating that all sales are real and will be paid, etc.. At the SEC's recommendation - have copied my Congressman and Senator – this puts some fire on at the SEC. Why am I posting this? If you are serious about trying to get real investigations underway about fraud concerning TSTC …. Do the same! The more input at SEC, the better. You can file a complaint on the SEC website but it takes 2 weeks to get it moving. If you call the SEC and "push" a little, you can get a case number assigned over the phone and get the preliminaries moving right away.

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    • YOU CANT PROSECUTE THE CHINES FROM AMERICA...aka SEC... they couldn't w/ CXTI and they cant with any other chinese POS...they are very well quit blow shi! about getting advice to do this or that to get justice...a REAL SEC investigator would have told you what I just told you..."WE WILL TRY BUT OUR HANDS ARE TIED BECAUSE THEY ARE LOCATED IN CHINA" a$$inine defense of your boytoy Hans is always good for a laugh

    • Han was BUYING stock for his personal account!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what do dbags like you do for a living?

    • they threw your complaint away for being a useless piece of paper. The SEC already looked at TSTC when those idiots wrote the hit piece and wanted TSTC halted!!!!!!!!LMAO!!!!!!! write the president of the U.S. you utter tool!!!!!!!!!!!!

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