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  • boogins_00 boogins_00 Sep 21, 2012 10:05 AM Flag

    Amazing mad dash to try to mitigate

    Who knows what this is all about? I certainly don't and neither do you.

    But 125,000 shares in the first thirty minutes is hardly 'light' volume for this or any other company of this size. It's a multiple of normal. Can't help but suspect that something is up(besides the price) and will be very interested to see what it is.

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    • There was a 1 million share limit order to buy on open at a price of 9.85. Who knows for what purpose, but there was a large buyer that showed their hand this morning.

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      • I don't know the reason for the sudden spike, but I doubt it's manipulation due to the lock up. The chairman of the board bought 500k shares just now, that's a lot of money to invest, and he certainly isn't looking to sell next week.

        It is also incorrect to say that the stock would need to have a cure for cancer today to go up 30%. Take a look at PCYC, which went from 8 to 60+ this year and is no closer then MACK to having a cure approved.

        The word on the street is that this company has some very smart management. And there is very little stock available so any increased market interest has the potential to move this stock.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Well, it doesn't matter what you, or I, think.

        You are speculating, and anything I say is speculation as well. That said, with this level of price movement on this amount of volume I will personally be surprised if there isn't some sort of announcement from the company soon.

        Parenthetically, as far as I know there are no VC's whatsoever in this story. That is one of the most attractive aspects of it.

    • No, I'm not buying it. With the lock up expiring next Tuesday they'd have to be curing cancer TODAY for a 30% move. And they are not. There are 81 million shares floating. Volume of 150,000 making this move up 15% this morning? Ridiculous. Utter manipulation and it is all relating to the lock-up. If this stock doesn't get support, there are plenty of insiders, whose cost basis is under $1, who can't wait to turn their 500,000 shares into cash and get out of their VC position. Let the dust settle on this one and don't touch it until late October. Give the insiders a month.

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