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  • boogins_00 boogins_00 Oct 10, 2012 4:56 PM Flag

    Not Surprised

    Well, I for one am not surprised by the sudden movement in the price.

    The shorts have been waiting for an opportunity to knock the price down and now they are at it big time. Many of them felt that the stock price would go down around the lock up but the run to 11 caught them---and everyone else---by surprise. Now there is no mega buyer out there and the selling pressure they exert goes unchallenged.

    Happily none of this has anything to do with the company. The Phase I results on MM121 and MM111 were very solid and showed clear clinical effect. That's actually huge but no one really gets that just yet because they think, 'Hey, it's only Phase I'. Well, I should point out that to see efficacy in highly resistant cancers(most of the patients in both trials had had four or more rounds of chemo already) in Phase I trial is just about as wonderful a result as you could hope for. Merrimack has proven that the the novel target they have chosen matters and that their drugs work well on it. They are in the lead on Erb 3 target much the way Genentech was with Erb 2 all those years ago. Look what happened to them.

    So if you're worried about the company I don't think you should be, but if you are upset about the price that's only human. Hang in there, this is a terrific company with a great future and if you want to enjoy what I believe will be a great 2013-15 and beyond just have to ignore the volatility and stay the course.

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    • Boogins_00, I have to hand it to you. You really know how to pump up this stock. Merrimack has not brought any products to market and they burn cash like crazy.

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    • Boogins_00, I have to hand it to you. You really know how to pump up this stock. Merrimack has not brought any products to market and they burn cash like crazy.

    • Boogins_00, I have to hand it to you. You really know how to pump up this stock. Merrimack has not brought any products to market and they burn cash like crazy.

    • I completely agree. I must admit, had I know about the Lock Up I probably wouldn't have bought. that said, I was trying to get ahead of the Phase 1 presentation for MM-121/11, which surprisingly, despite the results, had no effect. I'm still learning about Erb3 but everything I have read about this company has me excited for 2013/2014. The pullback is actually a good thing, since I am a small investor I can continue to add to my position next year. I understand the risk and how early they are in development (398 aside - I'm not really interested) but excited about the Network Biology platform. If you are a day trader, I'm not, any opinion on where this settles after the Lock Up washes out? I hate to comment against my best interest but I wouldn't be surprised for the slide to continue.

      on the flip side...
      I think $12 is a fair risk reward ratio following the positive P1 data and assuming further dilution of $1-2 a share.

      Sentiment: Buy

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