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  • Haf48 Haf48 Jun 6, 2001 8:18 PM Flag

    Stockholders meeting

    Yo baby I'm down to my skivvies on what I've lost. Anyway I would like to know how much more progress is being made in building the pipeline in Asia and if there are any potential deals pending since at last conference call reference was made to a pending big deal. Also I would like to know what the saleforce is doing in relation to Europe. What will the new product line do in relation to competing against nvdm. Also how is the repayment suit against the telecom company that owed 1 mil coming along. Also is this mgmnt going to respond to the lawsuits that are hanging over their heads. Some sign of fight would be nice unless they are all busy clinging to the closet walls. Just a few of the concerns I have since I have to stay in this pos till 35. God what a sucker. If anybody out in marimba land can put a handle on some of these feel free to express yuself.

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    • This management and sales team that have come from Cadence are a bunch of ROOKIES.

      As well I have heard rumours that these guys
      took down and reported revenue that should not have been called revenue on a
      1. Tivoli Prepay
      2. A deal with Winstar

      Each of these deals should not been credited towards revenue. It allowed them to hit 11M when really they only did 9M.

      I am forwarding information that substantiate this to the SEC this week. This management is doing everything it can to sell this company.
      Even if it is unethical.

      I suggest you notify the SEC as well.
      We have all taken a major league fucking bath on this stock.

    • you will never see $35 as far as mrba remains independent. well maybe not for another 4-5 years, if they can make it that long. my gut tells me that mrba will be purchased for $7-8 a share. (enough to cover the king CEO pukes options). the pipeline has not improved and they still have the same issues with sales. the only sales reps that have a pipe are the ones who have been there 2 plus years, the same ones who worked 2-3 days a week and had inconsistent forecast. I like mrba, I have been following them since the mrbaTV days. I hope arty, sami and jon jump ship and start something cool and live happily ever after.