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  • yags_2001 yags_2001 Apr 25, 2013 8:42 AM Flag

    I'm DONE here peeps......

    GLTA........dman, det, super, stormy, wildbear, shok, and anybody else who seemed legitimately interested in this company doing well.....
    I've decided this isn't worth the time I'm been spending on it since the clowns running the place seem to be clueless or, well, just don't care about its shareholders.........its incapable of making decisions that would benefit its shareholders in a long term manner......constantly blogging misleading statements and doing nothing to legitimize itself while blaming a criminal organization for manipulating its share price.....if this is the best it can do....well, obviously I made a big error in believing this pinky had a chance of getting out of this dark dominon that it now resides.....and it appears to have no plans to attempt to leave this stage anytime soon..
    no matter what rational suggestions I make to help improve their situation it falls on deaf ears......
    the plan is simple, yet impossible for them to no more toiling with the incompetent....I wish them & everyone the best..I still own over 10 million shares and will probably hang onto them for a while longer, but I have not the SLIGHTEST care what this does short or long term anymore, its not worthy of discussion anymore and will go the way of some of my poor speculative plays have gone which is nowhere..
    to the bashers I leave nothing, but a hopeful sense you will be arrested and rehabilated in some form, shape, or investman95, my cyberstalking loser, just call 212-384-1000 and ask for special agent Del Zotto.....make sure you stay on the phone for at least a minute or more so they can trace your call.....this will ensure they know who you are and can arrest you when the time comes.....
    other than that there is really not much else to say, I've supported this little company that couldn't for over a year and half now only to be disappointed time after time after time....buying its apps, buying its stock, giving solid advic to NO avail

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    • Hey Yags ~ RAF & LOL
      So long bubby ~still LMAO
      Nevertheless GL2U : D

    • Please purchase Managements additional 10 million shares before you leave. You can average down to .014.

    • Thank you for buying my cheap shares at .028, Hopefully you learned a leason and not try to scam any newbees into another company that has two employees , no office, meaningless blogs and needs to sell ten million shares a quarter for threee years.

    • From Yawning to an induced coma.....
      Good Job btw ........ & Thanks ~~~~~
      Buy more cheap shares ..

    • Yes, Dman has a point to consider. sorry to see if you got to go Yags, will miss your crusty humor and objective insights. I giving this one to the end of the year.

    • Yags, sorry to see you go, your posts have been very insightful. I believe that the company has a bright future, a test will be the upcoming first quarter numbers. You will be missed, pressure from shareholders can only make this company better. The continued stupid bashing hopefully will become a aberration instead of the norm.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 1 Reply to supersewing2
      • I hope all the bashers call that number...Yags said he was going before but he came back....the problem is he is too critical and doesn't give the company enough credit, so in effect he is a basher most of the time and turns off potential investors...Yags says disrepectful things about big MRNJ clients like Tolle, a well respected author. His only suggestion is to audit, since he is a CPA thats how he thinks, and really never says anything positive. I wonder if he really isn't working for the Group sometimes. I think ivestman got to him, which sucks becuase investman is a loser and criminal. Since Yags made millions on Heinz, it probably makes sense for him to move on, but if he really wanted to help MRNJ he would invest some of those winnings into MRNJ. The only thing slowing this company down is not enough capital. Peace Yags Best Wishes

    • Sorry to hear you won`t be posting much anymore Yags, but I understand your thinking. There is nothing to do but wait. If they continue to grow revenue, the stock price will go up eventually.

    • Yeah, I moved to that other board a long time ago. Not that it is really much better, but it is moderated. I still lurk here once in a while, but there are not too many quality posters on this board.

      If the qtr doesn't kick-start the volume, I'll be selling a few Million for a tax loss, and re-buying at a later date in the summer.

      Sentiment: Hold

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