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  • yags_2001 yags_2001 Apr 21, 2014 10:13 PM Flag

    Hey Peeps....something to keep in mind.... : D

    I looked back at the June 30, 2012 balance sheet...yes, 1 and 1/2 years ago....just for kicks....and wanted to see the amount of debt/liabilities on their books at that time....$240k!!!! the balance now, as of the end of 2013, is at $75k!!!

    I don't know, unless these numbers are somehow fabricated, paying down the debt by $165k in a year and a half...well, its a GOOD(actually a GREAT) thing imho........whatever this crazy debt is that doesn't seem to have any interest expense attached to it or at least none they are willing to give us the details on has been slowly but surely vanishing........I would LOVE to think by the end of or before the end of 2014 the company will be DEBT FREE!!! Some might not think this is much of a deal.....well, maybe it isn't, but its sure nice to know that there will soon be NO creditors banging at their door for payment and that all the cash flow can go towards the operations of the company...heck...I might even be willing to accept Joe and Denis getting a "little" bonus for this achievement and matter of fact, I think they should ANNOUNCE this at least on their I think it is a MAJOR milestone for the company to become DEBT least for the time would be really cool if they decided to budget paying down the rest of the debt in 2014 by $20k a quarter....WOW!....

    anyway, hows that for a FACTUAL PUMP....I mean, really, this is difficult to ignore or discredit imho, yet the dumbazzes that run this company don't seem to want to drawn ANY attention to this...UNFCKINGBELEIVABLE! So are they really this stupid about this stuff? Sadly..YES, but they aren't stupid enough to realize that its important to pay off their kudos to these idiots, but I do wish they would somehow manage to weave this accomplishing into their blogs and when they announce their quarterly earnings as well.....CAN'T HURT!!!

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    • once upon a time long ago in a galaxy far far away an old Yags goes slicing through the past and the production of history only to find himself to be a true Rube ~ that's from the Rube Tribe BTW ...
      Nevertheless GL2A

    • Management is gun shy about saying anything , much of it gets twisted and used against them. I like this period of quiet. Love the fact that that are paying down debt, Maybe it will be blogged when it is eliminated.
      PPS may suck but it has remained stable, not many shares are turning over, which I believe is positive. The PPS would go down if someone dumped their shares but it would come right back up to this pathetic level. Boring but stable, I will take this. Waiting for one of the much anticipated big project to be completed, hopefully followed by another and funding. Kick your feet up and rest them, at some point we will need to run.

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      • super post super, agree. we obviously need to live with these pathetic pps levels for awhile and let us hope we are at least on a stable support. Been trying to kick up my feet and relax, sometimes I feel I rather kick myself in the butt … your approach is more discipline.

      • nice post super......a little more diplomatic than mine LOL!....however, it would be nice if they would say something like...ok, our revenues have been growing and they have been sustaining at these levels.....because of this, we have been able to manage our cash flow to fund our operations and we have been making major strides in paying down our debt (perhaps give an example like I did (heaven forbid))...because of this, our liquidity will allow us to move forward most probably without having to increase our A/S and doing an R/S.....some of projects will soon be launched as we are carefully and judgiously using the resources we have within certain timeframes allowed.....of course, this is just the gist of it, not verbatim as it certainly could be communicated better than this...

        yes, I agree, it appears share price has stabilized(fingers crossed)......we will see...hopefully GH can keep hynoptizing people from 3rd world countries to keep buying his apps......Trolle and Zukie keep having Oprah appearance every two months......and maybe, just maybe a MEGA travel app is on its way......oh yeah, and perhaps one of those "other" projects they keep teasing us about will actually happen for a change.... : D

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