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  • retireb4death retireb4death Aug 27, 2005 3:25 PM Flag


    I almost blew juice out my nose reading that one Bison. I just wrote a $75 check to the lawn care company to have them eradicate switchgrass from my lawn. Just because it's native doesn't mean we need to encourage it - at least not in my lawn, thanks.

    As for the ticker change topic this morning - I've googled the bejesus out of SunOpta this morning and couldn't find squat about it. Has anyone else found anything?

    Only three more trading days left in the wretched month of August. Here's hoping the witching season of Sept/Oct is to the up-side for us!

    Good luck longs!

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    • Looks to me like someone found a reference to the 2003 company release "Our Name", nothing about this on that I could find. Did have a little fun making up possible new symbols. SOI would be pretty cool replacement for STKL on the Nasdaq (to go with SOY on the TO), should the company ever want to make a change.

    • Agreed. Prairie ecosystems are not monocrop. They are an assortment of grasses and flowers that have a deep-rooted mass. These grasses and flowers adapted over the last 30 million years to keep eachother in check in a system of homeostasis. Fire was also a part of this process. The dominance of some species over others is partly due to an imbalance by habitat alteration and partly due to imbalances from non-native invaders like kudzu, garlic mustard, millfoil and leafy spurge. The list goes on. Of the newest animal invaders is the Northern Snakehead that can breathe out of water and move across land. A voracious appetite for fish and flesh, this could really lead to a decline in tourism (swimming) and fishing licenses. Restoration of the Great Plains could well be the answer to energy and grazing needs of animals like elk and bison. All the hoopla about bringing in elephants and cheetahs is a little far-fetched.

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