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  • retireb4death retireb4death Nov 3, 2005 7:29 PM Flag

    Hey Retire

    Sorry woof - those bullet points were already an hour of typing (on top of and hour twenty listening to the call)and constitute my contribution to the cause.

    There are too many lazy investors that won't go back even 20 messages on the board - rather, they just ask the same questions and want it spoon fed to them. These are the same investors that get spooked by bs posts like slippery's and the short gang's. I'm truly no longer interested in trying to sooth them - if fact, the faster they sell off in panic, the sooner we're rid of them (though there's always another idiot waiting in the wings to buy at a peak and sell in a trough). Half of my shares are now dedicated to happily taking the cash from these saps. I won't go the truly negative path of shorting the stock, but I'll be playing the swings hot and heavy.

    I have to say overall I don't feel JK did an adequate tap-dance today. He got a LOT of slow pitches from the analysts (and yes, Scott VW was the head pitching coach). JK said his piece and I'm sticking around through the 4th quarter to show some results. The model's good - but without execution, it's worthless. He's not yet proven he can execute.

    Good luck longs - I'm afraid we're gonna need it.

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