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  • red_wombat80 red_wombat80 Nov 15, 2005 8:40 PM Flag


    I'm weighing in with Davek and harper on this one. I'll accept that there are some "core" organic folks who will only ever eat organic no matter the price, but there are plenty of others who are more flexible... or dare I say elastic about our dining habits. Sometimes I buy organic, and generally prefer it, but for me the price is a factor. Before the college bills come I buy eggs from free range organic chicks... but then the bills come in, and I switch back to ACME eggs. I feel a little bad about that but... my income only goes so far and spending is full of trade-offs.

    If I eat more FDP pineapples and bananas and less TSTY donuts (sigh - they were soooo good before my daughter got on my case) I feel like I'm eating pretty healthy. I don't need all of my food to be organic, and by the comments on this board I don't believe that I'm alone.

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    • Yeah Wombat!!!! Eat FDP!!! Screw CQB <G> As a shareholder I THANK YOU!!!!

      I personally pick and choose my organic intakes, but there've been several articles in Trib in recent months about parents trying to keep their young kids organic (smaller bodies build higher concentrations of chemicals than adults eating non-org foods). I'm not a parent myself, so can't speak to that mind-set, but I'd like to at least THINK they'd rather give their kids a healtier start on life than one-up their neighbors with a new living room suite or a new land-yacht urban assault vehicle every two years...

    • That's okay. You can belive what you want or you can hear it from someone who's an insider in the organic food business. It doesn't mean I'm right but it might be prudent to listen. Not many people listened when daisy said people would sell their second car before reverting to conventional. Most people would sell their first car.

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