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  • biggestbison biggestbison Dec 27, 2009 11:39 AM Flag

    What you see is what you get

    I'd like to address those who seem to be railing against the company. (such as tjuliar)

    First, let me explain in very logical terms why you lack a coherent position.

    One, complaining about debt is ridiculous. You cannot have it both ways. You would either have a company that would only constitute Stake Technology and the DOE-funded, patented technology we own or we would have a food company as well and along with debt.

    No debt means no food company. Get it? You don't build a company without borrowing capital. That's just how it's done. Aside from supporting hundreds and now thousands of organic farms, this is how an industry is built. Lending, growing and repaying. Anyone complaining about borrowing money should think twice about the company that was made possible by borrowing. What that means is that by complaining about debt, you completely disregard that the company we have now was made possible by that expenditure.

    Second, SunOpta BioProcess is not the cause of debt. In fact, the company has contributed earnings and revenues and will do so in a much greater way upon commercial operation. Likewise, without SBI, there would be no DOE funding, no investment or $200 million valuation by BlackRock and no talks with petroleum companies.

    These are very solid points. Without debt, there would be no food company. Without SBI, there would be no federally-funded DOE facilities, no investment from BlackRock and no ongoing talks with petroleum companies to secure licensing and royalty agreements.

    Without debt, we would have people complaining about how SunOpta should have been more agressive in capturing organic food market share and capturing key DOE-funded projects in cellulose because now the current administration is moving full bore on those technologies.

    Very simple.

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    • So what qwe have here is an industry where only about 3% of the consumers have stopped buying organics but a full 97% of consumers have continuedto remain stronmg in their buying habits in the toughest economic times since the recession. That points to a very strong, underlying megatrend that hasn't even come close to its pinnacle/apex.

      This is precisely why STKL's entry into organic and natural foods was so perfectly timed. We landed excellent acquisitions at decent interest rates and now inventory is well above debt levels. Once the company turns inventory over as consumers eat what is produced, there will be even less debt and more money can be pumped into futher acquisitions and build this company into a global powerhouse. In fact, that is exactly what has been going over the last 10 years in STKL.

      BTW, who is goin4thegold? I don't ever remember seeing that person as a contributor here on the STKL message board.

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      • Bison....i work behind the scenes not a contributor of pumper like you....if you recall, when the board was awesome we enjoyed the ta fa debate between two really smart guys...i.e. kirk and turbine...i hooked them up for some fascinating discourse whom anyone with a brain would enjoy..i learned lots....if you were reading, you probably noticed on dec.21 i threw stv out to stereo for thoughts...hey 5.90 to 6.78 close today aint a bad quick return.. about l5 percent i think...did you do so well bobo??????

    • You are too long winded.

      Fact is, stkl is what it is....a complete and utter lemon of a company.

      This company couldn't conjure up a good fart if it wanted. Soon, it will be below its 200 sma.;range=3m;indicator=sma(50,100,200)+volume;charttype=line;crosshair=on;ohlcvalues=0;logscale=off;source=undefined

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      • dwstring, I'm not sure who you might be but the word, "long-winded," has a hyphen in it.

        Second, I would say that as the largest organic ingredients company in the world, STKl now has a very, very strategic position in this global megatrend/industry.

        If you think going from $1 million in revenues in 1999 to $1 billion only ten years later is worthy of "lemon" status, then I can assure you I will be glad to buy any bridge you decide to sell me. Once I buy those bridges, I'll turn around and make you pay a toll each time you cross.

        As for "conjuring," I'm quite sure that a new poster such as yourself can post something more tangible and mature. Then again, even older posters such as tjuliar have shown just how immature and uneducated they are about this company.

        After all, SunOpta is becoming quite an attractive acquisition to both global food companies and global energy companies. I don't suppose you would know much about those areas though:-)

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