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  • tryingtogetthefacts tryingtogetthefacts Feb 18, 2007 9:36 AM Flag

    41 page report very interesting

    They are not selling 10,000 units of Cinnergen per month, that is a projection of the paid pumper. I read the report and it sounds great IF alot of the suppositions become fact. I don't dismiss the report or the companies prospects, I just urge a little caution and suggest waiting for some of the things to actually happen before 'backing up the truck'. GL

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    • My thoughts exactly, or for the most part. lol. Chrysler sold 6M vehicles last year, is that a lot? Then I wondered how many units of say Advil are sold? I started to wonder just how these "projections" compare to similar products sold since I guess comparing Cinnergen to Advil is off. lol. The other issue which I don't think has been addressed is the cost of Cinnergen, no I mean to efsf? People seem to jump on the number of units and the retail price and not on the margins?