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  • xjinvestor xjinvestor Feb 17, 2007 11:32 PM Flag

    41 page report very interesting

    Everyone that is interested in investing in this company should give a thorough read to this report. After you do, you will be convinced that this is a company with tremendous growth potential and will come out impressed.

    Some of the highlights that I would like to highlight:
    EFSF is currently selling 10,000 units of Cinnergen at 15.00 a bottle a month at 8,000 locations. With aggressive advertising and more locations picking it up, current conservative estimates are 100,000 units a month at 20,600 locations by the end of the year.

    Cinnechol, their cholesterol fighting entry should make its debut in April or May. All 20,600 locations are already asking for it, but their growth estimates are conservative and only have half the stores built in.

    PurEffect is ready to go and should make its debut in the very near future. This is their acne skin care product and you can expect advertisements to go out soon on that.

    In Sept. their sleep product goes out. Hopes are high for that.

    Talsyn CI, their scar cream looks great and in tests it is beating both its major competitors. 2,000 tubes a month are being shipped out and 5,000 tubes a month by the end of the year should be shipped.

    Their Booster Bar should be hitting the stores sometime between May and July.

    Finally, the 2.11 share projection does not include their several entries into the multi billion infectious disease market. All their projections are conservative and this could get much higher if things go right.

    Still think this is a .40 stock??? Not for long.......

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    • They are not selling 10,000 units of Cinnergen per month, that is a projection of the paid pumper. I read the report and it sounds great IF alot of the suppositions become fact. I don't dismiss the report or the companies prospects, I just urge a little caution and suggest waiting for some of the things to actually happen before 'backing up the truck'. GL

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      • My thoughts exactly, or for the most part. lol. Chrysler sold 6M vehicles last year, is that a lot? Then I wondered how many units of say Advil are sold? I started to wonder just how these "projections" compare to similar products sold since I guess comparing Cinnergen to Advil is off. lol. The other issue which I don't think has been addressed is the cost of Cinnergen, no I mean to efsf? People seem to jump on the number of units and the retail price and not on the margins?