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  • fuzzcat34 fuzzcat34 Mar 19, 2007 11:12 PM Flag

    Read the note on page 33 in the Wall Street Resources report

    "One note: on that page 33, the expected revenue for the quarter ending January 31st was estimated to be $180,000. EFSF reported $82,930 in the 10Q. "
    "The street will not take that lightly."

    I would normally agree with a statement like that last one when revenues are below expected if it were a company will millions of dollars in revenue per quarter and actual revenue was less than half of expected.

    In real numbers, revenue was only $97K below expected, and
    since they're just starting to build momentum on Cinnergen, it would be understandable for a retailer to delay a purchase they were expecting in the reported quarter for a month or two to see how other retailers' sales of Cinnergen went.