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  • gettinricher gettinricher Mar 5, 2008 1:30 PM Flag

    Trygirl2oo2 I have a question?

    I just got into this stock after talking to the company (finally), and hearing the interveiw, not to mention the newest pr's and the upcoming interview tommarrow. I was hesitatant to get in before but should've listened to your earlier posts I could've picked it up for .17. Oh well that price is forever gone, but it doesn't matter since I believe with all tha't going on we'll see new highs by yearend. My question though is that it seems to me you've followed this company closely, and seem to know what's going on . A re you involved at all with the company or just a person who does their homework and doesn't listen to the naysayers, and follows the facts presented on the company. Also what are your thoughts on the chart pattern I mentioned earlier. Look at the long term trend, and it clearly shows that this company always seems to breakout BIGTIME right about this time of the year, and that's without all the new stuff happening now. Do you think like I do that a MAJOR BREAKOUT is immenent?

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    • Get rich I just got back from lunch and saw your question. I hold a very large position in EFSF and I do my DD in great detail. I do not listen to the naysayers because they have not done the homework that I have done here. Could I be wrong yes but from what I have learned about EFSF I am willing to stand by them for the long term. The chart and the fundamentals are setting up for a very good chance of new highs not to far in the distant future.We will have 2 new products released this month and then 2 more in April. Break even per 1/4 is around 400000 in revs. I can see EFSF showing a profit come June or July stocks do not stay at cheap prices when they show profits. There are also wild cards out there that can turn this into a $10 stock over night on the right news such as Oraphyte deal and Proxorin. I am always looking for stocks that have hidden assets those could be gold .I know that a big push is going on now to show this company to the right people in the industry. If the stock goes into those strong hands there will be big volume days on the upside.The time has come for the products to hit the market and it will be worth the wait.You are seeing the base being built and the breakout will be coming.