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  • kataria0 kataria0 Jul 30, 2008 8:36 AM Flag

    Disappointing financial results

    Purely revenue-wise, only 1.74% revenue growth this year.
    I was hoping for >250% growth. :(

    Unfortunatley that implies stock price is exactly where it should be.
    Once I posted intrinsic valuation of EFSF using Discounted free cash flow method and predicted intrinsic stock price to be around $3.5 if they can show about 300% yearly growth for next 3-4 years.

    I am still optimistic because of future Oraphyte, MRSA-cream possibilities.

    Also I have yet to see a single TV ad of Cinnergen. I have very little faith in their marketing. If they believe their product is good, they should get in debt and get mainstream TV ads at prime times. This may get say Cinnergen real exposure during times when people are actually watching TV.

    Also I don't get why people have so much faith in EFSF's face creams. Do you think EFSF can really compete with existing, well-placed Proctor and Gamble, Neutragena (spell ?) products and their marketting capabilities?

    Obviously, for this company to go anywhere they need to prove uniqueness in their product while sucessfully marketting them. Hence just another slightly better face cream is not the answer.

    No offense to anyone.

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    • I am surprised that anyone is surprised by the revenue growth for this past fiscal year. We knew revs. were going to be about the same as the previous year before the end of last year. Those who saw the 300% rev. growth news release from 3rd qtr of the year before to last 3rd qtr were warned that that was an anomaly. They had so few sales 3rd qtr of the previous year because they dropped the telemarketing which cost more than they were grossing and had just started retail outlet sales. Personally I think that it was irresponsible to release that 300% revenue growth news release when they knew it only meant they were just back to the sales level they had been at in qtrs. previous to the 3rd qtr. ended Jan. 2007.

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      • Farmerdave
        Thanks for the 300% grwoth explanation. I missed on that fact. Never-the-less, I was hoping for some considerable growth in the 4th quarter due to apparent much Cinnergen TV ad campaign.

        Anyway, I am interested in how people are mathematically modelling this stock's intrinsic value. I don't see how it is worth anything unless they go much higher in revenue and also show much growth.

    • The bad news is priced in. If we were at .30 cents we would drop on this news. But since we have been treated to the drop already...all the rats have jumped from the sinking ship.

      So what has actually gone according to plan? What has gone well?