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  • bizman57 bizman57 Aug 6, 2008 9:15 AM Flag

    Undeliverable on

    Just recieved an undeliverable message on my email that I sent to ck41 so the others who said that they recieved the same message I also recieved it. Not very comforting I wonder whats up with them?

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    • Sorry, Alucero, you are a holder of toilet paper by a company renamed,

    • We are stockholders of a company called EFoodSafety which is in a joint partnership with CK41 for marketing PurEffect.

    • Walter, if you believe in the company, it seems to me that the potential to make alot of $$$ exists thru stock ownership. We are here to try to exchange thoughts, ideas and information for mutual benefit. We appreciate your input and wish you a good life.

    • Here is all I know:

      1. I have loaned money to Charlston Kentrist 41 Direct, Inc., and am a stockholder in the company;

      2. I am not actively involved in the company, and have no inside information;

      3. I understand that pureffect is to come out later this summer. Just my understanding, no warranties, guarantees, etc. I may be completely wrong;

      4. As far as I know, the company is entirely legitimate and active. They have company lawyers in NYC. I've talked to them. I've talked to the company executives, and at least some other stockholders.

      I picked up on this board because I have a standing google search for CK41, I really don't have any understanding of who you people are and why you are concerned. I'm not stock savvy, and other than this, have minimal stock investments. Why are you people all concerned about this? Who are you?

    • Last I heard was this summer, but why don't you call them? I think their number is 914-328-2830.

    • Hey dude their are two others on this THREAD that asked that question. Read, think it through then post if necessary.
      You people are beating Mr. Haskins to death. Let one person ask a question and wait.

    • First of all what he said makes no sense. They are not a public company, in order for anyone to knwo they are a going concern, either you would see it in the 10Q or 10K filing or he would have had to seen the personal audited financials of CK41 that states they are a going concern.

      So we know they are not public, so does that mean he has seen financials for the company which shows that they do not have enough cash to operate for the year unless they get financing?

    • Walter, We need to know that PurEffect is a go. Truthfully, nobody on this board cares about CK41's other businesses. Any info on Pureffect would be greatly appreciated.

    • Have they mentioned to you on when Pureffect will be hitting the market? It seems that it will be a sure winner. Maybe you can find out what is going on. EFSF said that the release would start in July so this is public knowelgde. Thanks in advance.

    • None
      I/we do appreciate your response.
      I believe you to be a gentleman and that is most welcomed.
      Thank you Mr Haskins and continue to visit and post on this board. 90% of people here offer value and are honest investors.

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