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  • jjazzis28 jjazzis28 Sep 28, 2008 7:57 AM Flag

    ProActives unhappy customers

    If ProActive has a million customers. and it doesn't work for 10% of them. thats 100,000.
    if those 100,000 just try Pureffect one time.
    100,000 times $39.99= $3,999,000.00 in sales.
    Not to mention the ones who will try it for the scar cream. then add the profits from the other products. Now I know efsf splits the profits, but its still a positive. This is not a good time to launch an infomercial, sad to say.They would be stupid to launch it now the economy is in shambles!!! If you look at the history when ever the economy or stock market has gone through an recession its always bounced back hard. The U.S. is a greedy capatalistic country.

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