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  • efood125 efood125 Dec 14, 2008 4:44 PM Flag

    So now what?


    What does Monday hold for us? I have no idea. Am I disappointed in the numbers? YES. I thought all that help with Respond2 would have given us a boost. Should have known better with no info coming out from EFSF. Still it is not the end of the road. We still have Oraphyte and possibly Pureffect. Unless they change the approach to their products we will see no further increase in Revs from the already released products. Yes, Mr. Title maybe the prices are too high. I say immediately cut some prices in order to get new people to try them and reward those who are steady customers. You have a database, use it. So PG, I'm only going to assume that you are so deeply entrenched in the products that will bring us real money i.e. Oraphyte, Occusyn, etc that you have zero time to communicate anything to the shareholders. After all you were "Executive of the Year" in Arizona, right? So where are your communications skills, lady? Use some of those skills that got you that award here. Especially the skills that involved communications. Let's here a story from you.
    BTW-your flunkies keep telling me that things are going on in the background. Hey, throw us a bone or two. After this recent Q report, we need it.

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    • EFSF mgt.

      "EFSF time to prove me wrong with a bullish statement from Dr. Joshi....yeah..that guy. "

      Just a reality far as we know, this guy is still working for us..trying to make Oraphyte happen. Does that sound twisted? Huh? What is the reality with this guy? Was he only paid a small commission so that we could say he is on our pay roll? Or, did he only work two weeks...and you could hardly know who the guy is if you passed him on the street? Or Has he really moved our ball forward?

      The investors have know clue....what a joke. I'm writing about this guy as if he is still working for us. What the hell do I know. More like I hope he is working for us, but hoping didn't make Numaderm happen, didn't make pureffect happen, didn't make wal mart happen, didn't make respond2 successful.

      EFSF mgt has to realize, their performace has been weighed and measured...and the investor have taken the big hit here and are left very wanting. Time for some news for us.

    • Things could spice up here very quickly.

      This range could be history with a solid PR about any of our very sore subject areas. At this point we are priced as if all of our business fingers have frost bite......Maybe rightfully so based on the Q. The good news is that we have a base, a framwork that could light up with some new direction or some daylight of sales. Don't mind me, I hoping cuz I got tons of this stock.

      We need a shot of new energy into this stock.....we need something. Looking at the charts and looking at the trading and volumn....something is moving in the right direction...somebody knows something and that is why we have seen a few up-ticks here. Its surely not new investors lured in by the racy PRs being put out...cuz there is none. Its people in the "know" looking to pick up shares from the week hands...Its the cycle...were at the bottom of the cycle and in the sweet spot here. The Q is out, no news for months, all products advertising (that I can see)...yet were seeing some buying. These buyers are loading up for the spring as I have said many times. Were going to get a someone can turn this paper into really money for some of the big fish.

      Question is, how high do we go? Does the push stop at .20? Does the push take us up past .35?. The thing that is rough, the pushers know what PR is the anchor end PR, so they are sure to get out at the peak of that PR....we may think there is another PR in the wings only to wait wait and watch the stock surely flounder.

      Whatever, what the hell do I know. .30 Seems like a dream, when the norm has been smoke and mirrors.

      Sorry, we have all been lame investors we pick a stock that seems to care less about their investors....This lack of communication is uncalled for and way out of line. EFSF time to prove me wrong with a bullish statement from Dr. Joshi....yeah..that guy.

    • Are you all willing to go down with the ship? How stupid are you going to be, this Co. is B.S.! You'll never recover your losses with holding. This POS is DONE! Don't be a bag holding idiot!

    • P.G. ?? Kick her ass out the door ! jmho..