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  • alucero_98 alucero_98 Jan 27, 2009 6:37 PM Flag

    Volume and Price

    Could it be due to a whole new set of buyers that already know about Freedom 2 and would like to buy into them? It could be that and the turn around in management. Lots of good vibes coming from there. Or is there a business deal in the making? Comments?

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    • Where is the volume, has interest dried up already? I think the removable ink is the key but only 7 clients have signed up, that is what we need to watch. This could be an explosive product.

    • I also was thinking there is perceived value in the merger. Freedom 2 is bringing something that adds to the value of EFSF. Let's hope the perception reaches reality - the bottom line.

    • The reason for the price rise is the GREAT NEWS!!!

    • Alucero - I think that is precisely what's key here. We're talking a lot about this movement being a reaction to the positive and seemingly competent new management. But what is HUGE, HUGE, HUGE...are the new eyeballs, new investors and new MONEY. This is all driven (IMO) by new money. I think it's fair to assume that most of us longs are too beaten down to pour much more money in this right now. (I certainly am.) But the new press releases, and those new people who follow Freedom2, Infinitink, tattoos, etc...that's a lot of NEW money.

      Secondly, I know the issue of short squeezes comes up from time to time, but I simply cannot fathom why there would be that many shorts in a stock that was so recently 4 cents. It's just not logical. Prove me wrong with a link. But why would you have shorted this? So many better opportunities. I think we may certainly GAIN shorts now, with this run (we've doubled in how many days...3?). But to attribute any of this run to short squeezing...I just don't see it.

      Next, I predict CK WILL launch Pureffect. I think there's too much invested to this point. And I have a hunch that the new Freedom2 management is savvy enough to squeeze this product out of them. Just completely my opinion. And when that does launch, I think THEN we head back into the teens.

      Another think that could propel us is Infinitink. In fact, I feel like that is our most imminent product release with potential to drive us - it's pretty exciting.

      Now we sit at .08. And the question that's so very hard to figure out is, how much is this company really worth at this moment? Forget potential for a minute. Are we overvalued at .08...or undervalued? Hmm. I just don't know.