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  • How much will this add to earnings and does lars have a uniqe product

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    • Larscom has the best NxT1 IMUX because they were
      first and hold the patent. All other weak imitators
      have not completely copied the design in order to
      avoid obvious patent infringement. The Orion 4000
      platform also makes it convenient to groom these NxT1 data
      streams into a channelized DS3 for transport on the
      larger trunks. All other IMUX competition suffers
      performance and operational glitches not found on the Larscom
      product. Example, Digital Link 3800 can't even run over
      2Mbps on V.35 interface without horrible clock jitter.
      Larscom runs cleanly up to 12 Mbps.Also DL unit can't
      reliably run 8xT1.
      On the subject of profits, the
      broadband products enjoy much larger margins than the low
      speed stuff so I'm sure this deal will help a lot.

    • LARS yum yum here $$$$$$$$ soon