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  • skeetz1234 skeetz1234 Nov 30, 2004 12:25 PM Flag

    Familiar With This Technology

    There is a huge upside to this stock, general enterprise level security is a solution that companies are vigorously pursuing as they the move to globalize. Having enterprise level security in a global environment is one of the hottest things in the industry today. I know a bit about the CA technology too.

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    • Sounds like you have the game in check!I think a healthy bit of paranioia goes a long way in the markets.I have more money than brains!LOL

    • I am painfully self taught, I only trade equities. When I first got into trading, I had a lot of growing up to do as far as learning how to trade, basically a newbie and made the typical mistakes newbies make. A lot of people knock someone that is shorting, but it wasnt until just recently that I finally understood and felt comfortable enough with the concept of what shorting is, I can see myself slipping on a long hat one day, the next, a short hat. Take SIRI for example, the trend is a bit choppy as of late, but the trend defined is a well established trend nevertheless, today they are consolidating. Give you an example of how I now trading, on November 19, waited for SIRI to pull back, took a position at $5.09 once I confirmed that the price retracement was complete, calculate a price objective of $5.95, decided to stay in the position over the weekend, on this past Monday, November 22, I hit my price objective and took the profit, at the end of the day, realized that SIRI was going to do a huge gap up on the 19th, and that the price was getting ahead of itself, decide not to get back into SIRI and wait till it came back down to the trend, got back in on the 24th after the morning pullback, exited on the afternoon of the 26th because I knew another gap up and pull back would be occurring, once the price retracement completed for yesterday morning and was confirmed, reentered SIRI, it was pretty clear that today would be a consolidation day, a repeat. Tomorrow should hit $7.00 and take off from there, I pull the trigger when I see a pullback, but not until, I believe that I will get at least an .81 cent pop on my current position. SIRI is trending, their board is way too emotional, and as long as I select when I want to pop the trigger, I be very profitable on my trades, just not get overly confident and not too greedy. Course, if I had a margin account that was properly funded, I would be highly comfortable going short, course my plan would be to already have the short covered before I went into a short position, that way I would not have to panic to cover.

    • The real trick is to hold good investments that run 5-10 points.I have traded stock that I should
      held long.And to the other extreme invested in stocks i should have traded.Thats balance that needs to done.Do you trade on margin?Who is your
      broker?Good luck with your plan!

    • My fiance has two, one is graduating from Rutgers next year, the other will graduate from Rutgers the next. I get along with one, the other one is a piece of work. Hey, 50% works for me!

    • In other words, you don't have kids. We shmucks who do are looking to work until we drop.

    • My plan is simple, I am saavy enough that I can easily catch a 10 cent per share rise in a stock, my only problem is that I am not at the point where I can afford to do that on 10K shares (actually I need to be able to do that on 30K shares - that way I can pop 10K shares per day while waiting on unsettled funds, scoop my 10 cents per share (actually I've been doing better than 10 cents per share on my trades) but 10 cents is the minimum. I figure that with after taxes and having one good trade per day, I can exit into a different profession (like working for myself, and sustain my life style). Not there yet, but a little about myself, I was stupid when I first got into trading and it explains why I blew through 12K in a short time, my best day was $2,700 but I had not gotten to the point where I could do this consistently. Now that I took some time out and learned how to trade, all of my trades now reap hundreds of dollars. I am becoming more and more profitable, once I can get the mathematical description to pull the specific price patterns that I am looking for, like "go get those price patterns for the stocks that are poised to jump up nicely ($1-$3), I'll be retired shortly (at least from the company I work for). Do plan to be able to live on at least a 55 trawler with a satellite internet connection, and call any body of water my home, I put together a plan, I have financed my plan, my plan is working, just a matter of time now (course being able to trade from my home system and having my work system on a secure VPN makes sure that one hand doesnt know what the other hand is doing...capice?)

    • Based on your insight, do you have any thoughts on VDSI vs CDSS?

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      • These are complimentary technologies, I am familiar with passkey technology and use it to log onto a global network. Secured access to global networks is very important and access to a network with devices such as these, it doesnt get too much better than that. Doesnt mean that you are fully protected on the network, someone can still download and pass viruses on, but by controlling who accesses your network through a secure id device that provides dynamic security code changes and the ability to control the authentications via both a hardware device and dynamic security codes is a pretty solid way to go. Userids/passwords can be too easily cracked, authentication with a security device such as what VDSI puts out, is solid. For providing identity management, root brokering, single sign-ons and some of the various other security mechanisms, these can only be done after you log onto a given network. If you are using secure id hardware devices, you are already controlling who can access your network. With software authentication tools running on your enterprise network, such as the CDSI offering or CA offering, you then can easily centralize enterprise control across a wide and diverse geographical and global perspective, and can easily custom tailor who has access to what. Both are complimentary technologies, but serve different purposes, both are ideal for the enterpise that can afford the liscening and ongoing recurring service level agreement costs from the vendors. As far as a buyout, I would suspect the rumours about CA and CDSS, there could possibly be some truth to that, if you can implement the same solution at a cheaper price, why wouldnt you want to? I would also suspect that if the underlying technology that CDSS has is superior to what CA has, it would make sense for CA to buy them, leverage the staff and the technology, makes perfect sense, and CDSS has now shown that it is a viable and becoming profitable concern. Why not buy them rather than letting them start taking a chunk of the very pie that CA would be competing for?

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