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  • melajara melajara Apr 17, 2006 11:30 AM Flag

    Trade for .21

    Incredible. The guy who bought @.21 then made a 300% profit instantaneously.
    I should put on each of my positions everytime low limit orders to have a chance to get such opportunity myself too. Unfortunately, happens once in a year ;-)

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    • Aha, you don't know how much that guy made who bought it at 21 cents. Maybe he had shorted it at a buck and he covered his short and made a ton. Maybe he bought it at 21 cents and then turned around and sold it quickly on the way back up at 30 cents?? That will buy him a cup of coffee although not at Starbucks.

    • I know you were kidding about putting in low limit orders to make a quick buck. Biggest mistake a guy can make. EX. Owns a stock at $20.00 and puts a Buy Limit ordr in at $12.00 just in case something happens. It does, the company announces it is filing for bankruptcy because of a news development. BOOm, he gets his stock at $12.00 and a minute later he is the proud owner of a stock selling for $1.50 !!

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