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  • boulder_adv_rider boulder_adv_rider Mar 3, 2014 10:52 PM Flag

    How funny. When FNSR was shooting up, the Syria situation didn't seem to bother "investors"


    But I guess the Ukranian situation does? Syria situation was far more volatile and FNSR stock price didn't matter one bit. Nothing bothered most stocks in 2013 because they were pumping to dump them just like BiggFatty said. He said "Fraud St" would pump all the prices into January when everyone invests their bonuses, etc. and then they'd pull the plug or the rug (can't remember exactly what he said) but regardless all Wall St's buddies would basically stuff their funds full of their rubbish and then start clobbering it. This is the way it always works. Then when mutual funds collapse and investors lose money, they start redeeming shares and want out. Their buddies sell back to Fraud St. for deep discounts and the cycle repeats. Anyway, he explained something like this anyway.

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    • You are finally catching on. They just wan to churn and charge. What financial difference could a place like the Ukraine or even Russia make to the world. Remember Greece it's the size and population of Ohio. Big whoop! Roil roil churn churn. Mutual finds are the worst. They take your money and charge you big fees then blame the economy when they go down.

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