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  • Is climbing 93.18. how can it be called "undervalued"? I seem to recall the dot com rush, when P/E didn't matter. After that mess, all the experts start claiming, let's get back to basics, where things that didn't matter, matter again. Why are they cutting prices of PS2 in Japan? Biggest tv maker in teh world will be TCL, after they get their joint venture with Thomson done. Thomson makes the RCA/GE brand sets in the for the U.S.A Was the biggest seller in the U.S., though not rated very highly. Philips used to be #2 in mkt share in the U.S., not SNE. Don't know if they still are. Philips sets where rated better than RCA in reliabilty, on par with SNE(with some models even better, for less), and for much less money. With the introduction of Cineos (LCoS) there is no competiton, it's the new standard, with all others playing catch up. Yup SNE could hit 37....and it used to be where?

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    • This is 2003, NOT 2002, 2001...

    • Isn't that boilerroom hot yet? Looks like your PIG was down today (2.37%).

    • Actually, I think that was one of my points, but you are right, these are very old.

      Thank you.


    • Do what you like, its your money. You can even listen to Frank_past, Frank_past listens to the 16 year old son of his neighbour who happens to like playing videogames. PSX console penetration is allmost allready at its max, while SNE Loozes big money with their PSX division. Howcome?

    • Why the fuck are you guys looking at analyst recommendations that are TWO years old???

      Gimme a break.

    • From the CBS marketwatch site: they have other rankings. Sorry about the formatting issues. The first ranking is the new one, and the second one is the old one, but most of these are old.


      5/16/2003 Credit Suisse First Boston Neutral Outperform

      6/3/2002 Merrill Lynch Int.-Term Strong Buy Int.-Term Neutral On restructuring progress

      5/29/2002 Merrill Lynch Int.-Term Strong Buy Int.-Term Neutral On restructuring-led earnings recovery

      8/3/2001 Salomon Smith Barney Buy Neutral Valuations entering their final retracement, and market will begin pricing in emerging good news

      7/27/2001 Salomon Smith Barney Buy Neutral On confirming improved momentum in games business and firm earnings in electronics business apart from mobile handsets in meeting with management

    • Tell us Boilerroom Boy is that P/E for the trailing (PAST) 12 months so that it accounts for the infamous "shock"? Tell us then, what is SONY's forward P/E? Also, what is the high P/E for SONY in the last 5 years? And finally, tell us SONY's average P/E for the last five years? It also appears your P/E talk goes back to mid-August and that since then SONY is up about 15%, if you weren't right then, why should anyone believe you now?

      Don't you constantly contrast SONY to Koninklijke Philips? Now Koninklijke has no P/E due to its 1.67 BILLION DOLLAR LOSS - $1,600,000,000.00. Are you and Boilerroom Boy No. 2 just bored with that board? Maybe people just don't like Koninklijke's EBITDA, Operating Margins, or losses? SONY does have more revenue, better operating margins, more income and a price-to-sales ratio that's 1/2 of Koninklijke's. Looks to me like SONY's a bargain and that if it even partially succeeds in the plans announced this year that SONY will be trading much much higher. Perhaps it's the thought that this will come to fruition that has led to my 20% gain in SONY? By the way, your Boilerroom opinions should be contrasted with the likes of Bill Miller, Andrew Tobias, S&P and BARRON's, who all find SONY undervalued.

      It's gonna be a SONY Christmas! Go buy your EYETOY today!

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      • Philips is a STRONG BUY according to JP Morgan, Salomon Smth Brny ,Banc of America Sec, Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, Abn-Amro, Citygroup.

        SONY is a STRONG SELL. according to JP Morgan, Salomon Smth Brny ,Banc of America Sec, Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, Abn-Amro, Citygroup.

        SONY got nothing to Sell but a doopey Playstation. Not even the Software for the Playstation, no LCDs, LCos, DVD+recording, Semiconductors, Medical Systems, Professional products, Lighting, domestic appliances and personal care. Philips is the Royal Supplier of LCDs, DVD+recording for Dell as well as Hewlett packard etc. I'm just trying to help you guys, get out while you can, by some PHG shares. Good prospects and money is all that matters. Philips is investing Billions of Dollars in R&D to strengten its Leadership in these Sectors. Sony is a thing of the past.

        PS: My english grammar not good. what boilerroomboy mean?

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