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  • quesadillla quesadillla Jan 20, 2004 8:48 AM Flag

    Big Screen TV defect rate

    Sony's current line of 3rd generation big screen LCD-projection TVs (the Grand Wegas) have a major problem with startup. After working fine for up to a few weeks the TVs will fail to turn on. Sony has stopped production of these TVs due to the failure rate in order to fix the design, and the thousands that have been sold will need to be picked up for repair by Sony.

    These are big ticket items and now Sony's going to be forced to pay for the shipping and repair of these TVs. The people who buy these sets definately have money for home electronics, anyone think Sony's poor handling of this design flaw will cause them to buy Sony the next time? No, this is not just a defect any product would have, a huge number of these sets have this specific problem. People spend $2500 - $4000 for these GWIII sets and Sony looks at them as beta testers.

    I was stuck with one of these sets. Any website that accepts user feedback for these TVs seems to have lots of references to this specific flaw.

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    • Hi Old_FAA_Tek,

      From the looks of this board it's definately loaded with a high amount of trolls and other lowlifes. My apologies in ranting so loudly at you too, I thought you were the opposite: a Sony-is-never-wrong cheerleader!

      Thanks for the offer to look into things, but the set lives in the shop now so everything's pretty much out of my control anyway.

    • Yup, this an ideal place to encounter trolls,
      cons, crooks, ignorant shorts, etc.

      My apologies for placing you in that group.

      It appears that you got caught directly in
      the middle of a dispute between an "Authorized
      Service Shop" and Sony.

      How to get a Real, Intelligent, and Dedicated
      Person to get your set and any other costs
      back is the focus, IMHO.

      Logically , the Service Shop, thought they
      were still "Authorized", if they paid for
      the shipping to their shop.

      On the problem itself ... as I said these
      are common problems, and it is amazing that
      Engineers continue
      to create new versions of old problems.

      1. It could be a design problem, so the S/N
      Series is important.
      But then again it could be a faulty series
      of components from some vendor.

      2. Any Service Shop, worthy of the name,
      should have a variable voltage source to
      trigger, and then troubleshoot the problem.

      I will try to find any documents relating to
      the model & s/n series on their Web site.

      I would suggest , that you document your problem
      with all of the info that you have, and
      forward it to Sony Investor Relations.

      Oh BTW ... a flashing red light is nothing
      more that a trouble indicator.
      And you are correct that it is a Startup
      problem of some sort.

      These days, the startup circuity may be controlled by some form of computer processor
      (I don't know) , but in that case ...
      unplugging the set, and waiting a few minutes
      for the computer brain to get unscrambled
      sometimes fixes the problem ... until another
      house (line) voltage disruption, comes along .

    • Does the TULIP mean you shoulda' bought a PHIIPS? hahahahahahhahahahaahaha

    • Checkout Philips LCoS...CINEOS...anything else is OBSOLETE. Doesn't matter if it says Sony GRAND anything, it's OBSOLETE dude. CINEOS is less than the price of WEGA, 55" weighs just over 100 pounds amazing!!!!!

    • It's the KF-60WE610

      Serial number - (minus the last 2 digits - privacy issues)


      Manufacture date:
      November 2003

      And page 62 of the instruction manual has a picture of a tulip on it.

      And I do see how you can easily think that I'm a troll. You posts really p*ssed me off but then there's no reason for you to believe that the person on this end is an actual customer or some troll trying to dig up trouble.

    • >>Are you saying that Sony Picked up your
      >>4,000 US deflated dollar set and delivered
      >>it to ZYZ Non-Authorized service center.

      Not quite. I called Sony. Sony confirms that my problem requires repair and tells me that "XYZ" is my closest Sony Authorized repair center. I called "XYZ" and they came and took my TV. 5 days later I called to get an update and they tell me that they are ordering a new lamp housing unit. Everything's A-OK at this point. 2 days later I get a call from "XYZ" telling me that they're no longer a Sony authorized service center and that they are going to return my set because they are no longer a Sony authorized service center. How that happened, I have no idea and the person on the phone at "XYZ" either couldn't or wouldn't elaborate. P*ssed, I called the service line again just to see where they'd recommend I send something in for repair and they STILL told me to use "XYZ".

      The bulb lighting problem is VERY common. Go to and enter GWIII and you'll definately find the threads. Go to or even if you don't believe me. You'll also notice that reports of the problem seemed to explode in December - January which reflects the delayed nature of the bug. BTW, you might wonder why I didn't suggest, but go there and look for the Grand Wega sets. They have the CRT, LCD panel and plasma wegas but no Grand Wega LCD projection sets. Why? I was told by BestBuy just yesterday that they no longer carry it because of the defects, but I'm just a troll so I'm sure there's a better pro-Sony excuse why this is.

      I spent $4000 on a TV. It's my guess that Sony crossed their fingers and hoped for the best so that they wouldn't screw up their Christmas selling season. I want the working TV that I paid for -NOW- When defects pop up I expect not to be screwed around like this. Sony is a d*mn fool for screwing around with customers that are willing to put down $4000 for a single piece of equipment. You as a sharesholder should not be happy that Sony is gleefully sending customers like me to other companies.

    • You won't get any argument out of me on the picture quality... well at least when the picture isn't a giant black rectangle. I saw a display containing a Grand Wega LCD projection, a plasma, and a LCD panel of roughly the same size and I was impressed on how good the image looked on the LCD projection. It didn't even suffer from the highly-reflective screen of the plasma.

      Sony has dropped the ball big time on this set. You shouldn't screw customers who are willing to spend between $2600 - $4000 on 1 item belonging to this series of televisions. We are all going to rememeber how Sony was willing to put defective product out in the stores so they wouldn't miss the Christmas shopping season. Next time I buy a new DVD player, walkman, video camera, console video game, CD player, or anything I know for sure it will not be a Sony.

      If it was just a defective product I might be able to forgive them, but their handling of this problem has been a disaster. It's been nearly 2 weeks since it was picked up (longer if you include the time I spent with customer service on the phone) and I both without my TV and without my $4000.

    • Biggest lighting company in the world, invented it all compact fluoresants, LPS sodium lighting car xenon, car halogen, it's endless. With 100,000 patents they are teh #1 in the world for the last 2 yeas in world wide patents. They ain't leaving the U.S. CE market. Noreleco is the biggest selling shaver in the U.S., biggest in the world(Philishave) 700/hr are sold worldwide...They ave sold over 400 Million shavers since introduced teh rotary electric in the 30's. They have been bitching about it for 15 years, they just don't seem to get a manager taht knows what is up in CE in the U.S. market, in Europe they are #1. Sonicare is the #1 toothbrush..Philips is #2 in brushes worldwide...biggest ballast maker for lighting's notasony.

    • You want to state your opinion thats fine, but, Don't tell me I'm uninformed or an admans wet dream. You're a Phillips buttboy. They will be pulling out of the US market w/in 2 years as they cant seem to get arrested here and have recently fired they're head of US operations for the umpteenth time.

      The las Philips product I bought was a GA 312 turntable. I understand their light bulvbs are pretty good.

    • CINEOS obsoletes anything else out there, CRT, LCD, other projection types. singel engine Philips invention, others are 3 engine...If spending that much money on a tv, wouldn't you want the best and latest technology. So you buy just because of a name on the are truly an uninformed consumer. You are an admans wet dream. Sony products outshine the competition? They don't make a single engine how is that possible?

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