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  • Old_FAA_Tek Old_FAA_Tek Jan 20, 2004 11:33 AM Flag

    Big Screen TV defect rate

    Startup and/or Power Surge Shutdown problems
    are Age Old problems and would generally
    occur early in the life-span of a device
    like the Grand Wega.

    History voids your statement <<< No, this is not just a defect any product would have,>>>

    It is NOT at all correct. Nor can we just say that it is a DESIGN Flaw.... I could be a
    Vendor's critical component flaw ...

    Only if you know precisely what has to be
    replaced , and why .... can you make a valid
    statement in that respect.

    The Brand's REPUTATION, hinges on how the problem is addressed, especially the overall
    customer service attitude.

    OBVIOUSLY the REPAIR ... surely does
    not constitute BAD HANDLING of the problem.

    It is OK by me, BTW, if you switch to Philips
    or Pioneer , as I own those stocks as well ..


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    • [Tired technology apologist statements ignored]

      >>The Brand's REPUTATION, hinges on how the
      >>problem is addressed, especially the overall
      >>customer service attitude.
      >>OBVIOUSLY the REPAIR ... surely does
      >>not constitute BAD HANDLING of the problem.

      Really? Well how does getting a call 1 week after my TV was sent to the Sony Authorized Repair center that Sony told me to contact with the message "We're going to return your TV Friday unrepaired because we are no longer a Sony Authorized Service Center" fall into that argument? That's right, Sony tells me to send my TV to XYZ and then XYZ A FREAKING WEEK LATER tells me that they are not an authorized service center any longer?

      Oh, and as a test I called up the Sony line with another problem just to see where they'd recommend I send my device. YUP! They suggested the EXACT SAME PLACE.

      Sony has royally f***ed me in this situation on a $4000 TV and I'm p***ed

    • Philips LCoS is the best design. single engine rather than 3 for the primary colors (3). It's notasony. Looks like frank is RIGHT, up over $41 cool. Pioneer electronics is building a factory in the U.S. for tv production. Whose's components does Pioneer source from PHG? SNE? Pioneer is usually less expensive than SNE for similar quality

      • 1 Reply to FAFAFLUNKY99
      • >> Pioneer is usually less expensive than SNE for similar quality <<

        You don't live in the USA do you? Pioneer is to Sony what Mercedes is to BMW. They have a higher price point and higher level of quality, but most importantly they cater to a completely different market segment than most of SNY�s products. College kids, small families, and young professionals who want a nice system buy Sony. Lawyers, doctors, and older professionals are more of Pioneer�s bread and butter. Who do you think caters to a bigger market? That�s right SNY � they more than make up for the price differential in the volume of sales. That�s business 101, and probably part of the reason Pioneer has a 5.34B cap and SNE has a 37.94B cap.

        SNE is a classic opportunity Buy right now. A lot of investors only start buying companies when they are soaring successes. The problem is that the stock price is usually correspondingly soaring. Look down the road 2-5 years, SNE isn�t going anywhere and you can be damn sure the price won�t be at these low levels for years to come. I mean come on, SNE at $24 a share was a no brainier. SNE at $40 is still a no brainier. Complain about the PE all you want, but I recommend you look at the PE trend over time. It�s the simple economics of price cycles and trends.

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