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  • josephkhillnh josephkhillnh Apr 1, 2005 7:12 AM Flag

    not sure what the big deal is

    consider: SONY lost its patent infringement case to IMMR, and sales of the portable - according to an article posted by another here - are "solid, but not spectacular." Still, SNE stock has held up very well - even had some good up days --IMMR continues to fall.

    The worst is over for SNE on this matter. The worst scenario has been cast for SNE and investors have stayed with SNE and left IMMR. It can only get better for SNE - not worse. A settlement - or better yet - a winning of their appeal with IMMR - and those banking on an early retirement with IMMR stock will feel the pain.

    The smart money is on SNE. This is no where near the big deal that the SNE naysayers and IMMR hopefuls are claiming. Wall Street has already confirmed this since the IMMR ruling.

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    • " 1.37% jury awarded rate instead of the 5% that IMMR"

      Well 5% on $20 controller then...

      If you were idiot enough to apply patents on playstation itself....

      Then some idiot logic with cause ALL the pc's liable if someone has joystick connected to it....

      And incedently, airplanes had feedback for longer than 20 years right? If usa company was suid by japanese in similar way, they I am certain case would been dismissed.

      And how you feel if your theft of mp3/dvd would cost you triple damage PLUS few thousand court cost each?

    • Let Sony Appeal.

      For your info, IMMR wanted dmages triple what they were. Most feel the Jury decision was way light on the damages.

      Understand if Sony lsoes they have to negotiate a settlement at Market prices with IMMR. Either that or shut down Playstion Product line until it stops infringing. Oh my!

      For your info, Sony is not paying for the new games yet, not paying for worldwide shipments yet, and only paying royalties at 1.37% jury awarded rate instead of the 5% that IMMR charges most other legal paying customers that are using the same patents that Sony is.

      If you think the Jury 1.37% royalties are high, let Sony lose in appeals Court and have to pay fair market licnese rates. Oh my!

      Then add in what worldwide royalties would be snce IMMR would want those as well or they might just say no to Sony shipping any PS's in USA.

      Last point. While you speak bad about th eUSA and our laws, this is the same market you are trying to seel Playstations into. If Sony does not want to abide by American law then maybe they should nto be selling products in America either. Is that what you think the new Sony CEO wants whose main claim to fame is his Western heritage and his understanding of American business and culture? Just hink about it.

      Sony has every right to Appeal. It is an American right. IMMR has every right to Appeal the Stay that is on Permanent Injunction as well. If IMMR wins on that point, oh my!

      My opinions and two cents on the Buck.

    • YOu are stupid...

      American laws are biased(just like anyone else) but it is WORSE since award are rediculous lots of time. Like few million for spelling coffee on yourself, or trial of oj taking 6mo?


      Idiot immr pumpers DONT want sony to have FAIR trial and APPEAL where lots of time SOME reduction, reversal, OR settlement can occur.

      So not my fault that some idiot dont believe in court system at their convinience and uses terrioristic tactics in message board to pump.

    • Your hypocrisy seems to know no end.

      The Poster makes some valid points and instead of engaging him/her on merit you choose to simply insult.

      This is some major dilemnas for incoming CEO. On one hand Sony will want to press their copyrights in America, and then on the other hand they continue to steal technology from a small American company after an American Jury found guilty on 16 Patent claims on 2 Patents, and after a Liberal Judge who has tended to side with Defendants in many cases also backed the Jury decision. Jurt ruld unanimous that Sony was GUILTY. Judge ruled that Sony was GUILTY. What do you think the Appeals Court is going to rule?

      Sony looks real bad here. I think they will be smart and settle in the end. IMO, it would be the most prudent thing, and you should also see some recovery in your share price. If they want to fight it, it will be tough for both sides, but I think there is little doubt that IMMR has the heavy odds in their side of prevailing.

      Sony stock could absolutely tank if they lose in Appeals because that cold stop the shipments of one of their key product lines, and might possibly shelve the PS3 in America as well. Oh my!

      I think it would get deeper than that though for shareholders. If Sony loses that Appeals case it would show horrible decision making from Sony execs. Not only would they lose huge financially, but so would their business partners.

      Just as with RIMM I see Sony settling. Only thing that makes any sense to me. Sony's choice though. If they want to fight, bring it on. 16 different claims on 2 different patents. Do you know what the odds will be to get most or all of them overturned?

      My opinions and two cents on the Buck.

    • So patents you like are GREAT and everybody else with a patent is a "TERRORIST".

      Your 20-30% "around" goal may work if you are throwing hand grenades, but seems a little sketchy for your portfolio.

      Best of luck to you.

    • "He also declares ntop bottom is probably around $2 "

      Do you understand the meaning of PROBABLY... it means that I believe things are around 60-80% likely.

      And meaning of AROUND? I consider around to be around 20-30%.

      And relative to what I think ultimate POTENTIAL... it is NOTHING.

    • Huh?

      What ip terrorist and nasty pumpers has to do with MY choice of what patents are really good ( or junk but might be very valuable).

      Clearly immr pumpers are very nasty and i hope they lose their money, they deserve that.

    • I am confused by your extreme derision of immersion and poo pooing of their supposedly worthless patents. Your hobbies in your bio are all very PRO PATENT with net to phone. You seem a tad hypocritical.

      ntop_voip_patents bio:

      " net2phone as name implies was one of fist voip companies. It has 3 key voip patents. Others has to have patents to cross license or owe royalties eventually."

      He also declares ntop bottom is probably around $2

      (BTW currently 1.60)

      You are two faced and not too bright IMO.

    • And which is my stock?

    • And your stock price continues to fall because...?

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