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  • dpkstock2003 dpkstock2003 Mar 16, 2006 4:53 PM Flag


    The District Court in California granted PTSC's motion to stay the proceeding there. The case against NEC, Panasonic, and Matsuishita will resumse in Texas.

    No scheduling order has been set yet so we don't know the deadlines. It appears that all parties have filed answers. Looks like everyone has filed the normal counterclaim for declaratory relief (judgment stating that they don't infringe) and invalidity of the patents.

    The case relates to PTSC patents 6,588,148 and 5,809,336 and 5,784,584.

    The case is Texas Properties Limited, Inc. v. Fujitsu Limited, et al, 2-05CV-494 (E.D. TX).

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    • The only target i have is UP. By the way I was correct the first time about it being Marshall, it must be a fluke like in Arkansas with the hanging judge I do not know but it may still be be the Federal court for that area. I read an Interesting message on R B about the % of wins and loses of the cases and the attitude of the court. It seems in Japan they know Marshall and do not want to go there. they love California. This thing can only go up. Why would PTSC want the rocket docket if they did not think they would win . SONNY is still trying to drag there feet with IMMR.Once we win In court and are awarded the settlement that sets a precedent I think and so we could ask for the same amount for anyone else that is infringing that becomes the bottom. What is the bottom now. At least Immr knows even if it is not as much as it should be.

    • Pete-
      Thanks. Saw your post earlier and didn't have time to respond. Stock seems to have held up ok today. I'm concerned that it may drift for a while until more news comes in (like another license), but ok to wait it out for a while. Do you have a price target ?

    • They got out of a very bad loans which completely erased the debts. There are some very good posters on Raging Bull board and it has been discussed a great deal.

    • Did anyone see the 8k filed Friday ? May be old news, but there's a conversion of some debt into an additional 20mm shares. Any thoughts on that ?

    • Are you in the stock? If so:

      What are your 3 top reasons for owning it? Top 3 risks you see?
      Your time frame - are you seeing it as a long term play or out to scalp a pop?

      I'm impressed with the mgmt's performance since the reorg but it feels like a pump job...

      • 1 Reply to agaperosfilos
      • <<What are your 3 top reasons for owning it? Top 3 risks you see?
        Your time frame - are you seeing it as a long term play or out to scalp a pop?>>

        I'm in (not heavily) but have started picking up in the 1.35 to 1.50 area. I honestly can't give 3 good reasons for owning it, more of a gamble, but what I liked was:

        1. The dividends. Always a good sign.
        2. The patent aspect. Similar to IMMR but this case is in Texas so looking for a much quicker resolution. Also, with a number of the original defendants settling, may see a quicker resolution.
        3. The chart. I'm no good at TA, but looked like a good pullback and a decent point to get in to see if it can get back above 2 bucks. More of a gut thing on that point.

        As to whether it's a long term play or a pop, if we get a decent pop (it's at 1.75 right now as I type - looking for higher, though) I may sell a portion into it and hold the rest as a long term gamble - unless there are more developments to justify everything for a longer period. As of right now, though, I don't really see a reason for a very long term hold.

        Are you in ?

    • Very good to know. Thank you, also you know who else was involved in the original lawsuit that Co. because of conflict with our attorneys because they had represented them before and had to be dropped for the suit .

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