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  • stockwoodie stockwoodie Apr 22, 2008 11:45 AM Flag

    nintentoy pumpers

    I've owned a 360 for quite some time now... with 0 (zero) problems. Works great. I think the RROD has been fixed with all the models released since mid 2007 (including HDMI / quieter DVD too).

    The reason they keep them behind the counter is mainly for accounting / theft purposes, not because of "so called" burned out GPUs... Most all of Costco's smaller electronics are stored behind the counter (ie.. Hard drives GPS, 360, etc... )

    Halo 3 didn't have to have a huge display... They were millions of copies pre-sold on a waiting list. I wouldn't expect GTA4 to have to do this either... It's probably Blockbusters pathetic attempt to make some money.

    "Remember that a game is only as good as the console it is played on."
    That's funny. Until recently, there have have about 3 games worth playing on the PS3. More to come this year (supposedly). If you want a real game selection, take a look at the 360 display at your local BlockBuster or GameStop.


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    • Yes, you love your xbox. But the fact is, the machine is a POS. Most peeps who look at it too hard cause the thing to explode in a fireball of flaming death.

      Personal opinion or facts? If you like MSFT because your Xbox Rox, thats fine. But don't go on listing real world issues and slaming PS3 fanboys in the your next breath.

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      • Actually, I don't really care about the console, whether it be Wii, 360, PS3, Sony , Microsoft, or Nintendo. I just want to play good games, and guess what, the XBOX 360 has the best games (and selection) available "Right Now". Granted, Wii has a "decent" selection, but the games are a little too boring for me.

        Listing real world issues? What? I don't understand what you're talking about. I'm not slamming PS3, I'm just stating that they have a VERY POOR game selection right now... And the games that are available are mediocre.


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