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  • stockwoodie stockwoodie Apr 22, 2008 11:30 PM Flag

    Blu-Ray Winner = Consumer Loser

    Now that blu-ray won the format wars, consumers can look forward to paying an extra 10 per BRD. How great.

    I can't believe there are idiot out there paying 25+ for a BRD. Ludicrous. Take the power back.


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    • It is very expensive for customers with Blue Ray as the only HD DVD from Sony. Watch out for all the bugs Sony putting into its system.

      Sony believes that its worldwide customers are thieves to steal from them.

      No wonder Sony keeps losing market share and customers.

    • Once again... nice meaningless post. It's "simple" to insult people, but it's difficult to actually make sense or have an argument.

      ...but you already knew that.

      BTW, butt raping is not my thing, but YOU might like these:


    • so brd's should not follow the inflation trends of consumer products? did it ever cross ur mind that prices rise over time? how bout brd movies being of better visual fidelity than dvds?

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      • Ok, raise the price a couple bucks... but 10-15 dollars per BRD?

        Now, let's double everything (or a 75% premium) you buy and see how you like it... It's highway robbery. Technology has advanced with digital quality, thats all... Digital is just the way it is now, there is nothing fancy about it. Burning DVD/BRD is pretty much the same...except for the one time purchase of some new equipment.

        My point is, the pricing went from $15 a DVD to $30 a BRD overnight. Kinda like gas prices.


    • You need to compare the cost of the Blu-ray discs against the Collector's Edition DVDs, as the cheaper DVDs tend not to have any special feature contents. If you look at it that way, BR media are not more expensive than the older media.

      Currently Blu-ray (and the defunct HD DVD) is mostly for videophiles. Blu-ray will gain when more people switch over to higher resolution HDTV. If you still own a tube or small 720p HDTV, DVDs still look OK. However, DVD resolution looks dowdy on a 45" HDTV, even if you own top-of-the-line upconversion equipment.

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      • Maybe Sony should create a BRD with the same content of a regular DVD, and a BRD with "special features". That way, the people that want to pay the extra 10-15 for special features are more than welcome to. The rest of the people that could give a crap about the "special features" could pay $13-20.

        I have a 42" 1080p TV and normal DVD's look pretty good on it. Granted, it's no Blu-ray quality, but it sure beats the 32" tube I got rid of. HD on my cable looks great. HD movies downloaded from my XBOX 360 look great.

        I think the only reason HD players are for videophiles is because they probably have extra money to burn. Your average Joe isn't going to pay $400-600 to buy a BRP to watch BR movies. When the pricing gets under $200 for a BRP, more people will adopt.

        Upconversion is pretty much a marketing JOKE.


    • How many times are you going to post this woodie?

      I will say it again. Nobody is forcing you to go Blu Ray. It all depends on what you want. If you don't care about having the best of what technology has to offer, than stick with DVD. Blu Ray is the future, just get used to it. Prices will come down too. DVD was $1000 for a player when it first came out.

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      • INFOSMART (IFSG.OB) will produce BRD with lower cost and lower prices, with the license of SONY.

      • Actually, on-demand is the future... BRD will be around for a while though.

        It bothers me because people, apparently like yourself, allow these corporations to walk all over you. Granted, it's your choice. You'd probably pay 40 for a BRD if that's what they asked...

        You probably have no problem paying 4.00 for a gallon of gasoline either. You don't have to buy it... When does an exorbitant price actually gouge the consumer? I don't really want to know...I would rather pay a fair price.

        DVD players may hove cost 1000, but the movies didn't. The were reasonably priced. It's just a different DVD stamper, the movies are the same.


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