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  • delistforgood delistforgood Jun 24, 2008 2:01 AM Flag

    Support New HD Standards, No Sony

    Based on past experiences, never trust Sony. The entire industry sucking in.
    Boycott Sony and expensive Blu-Ray. There are many problems. We must support Worldwide HD formats.

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    • I agree. I have been boycotting Sony for at least 3 years now...


    • I'd love to see a new HD standard that wasn't proprietary... If the movie studios want to sell movies, they really need a new, inexpensive format for the consumer... $25-30 Blu-ray discs are way too expensive.


    • Too late. The standard for the current generation of disks is Blue Ray. Maybe next time.

    • Just like people want CD's in their hands? I used to have a collection of well over 250 music CDs... Guess what? I sold them all on Ebay because I had no need for them.

      I'm expecting the same to hold true for DVD/movies in the near future... Why do I want to spend $25 for a BR movie, just so I can have it in my hand? Well, really, I don't. Download speeds are getting faster and faster... I can watch VOD through my cable company now... No waiting, just pay and watch.

      I've purchased plenty of my favorite DVDs... But how often do I actually watch them? Rarely, if ever. So what's the point of having a DVD in hand? Showing all your friends your vast DVD library? No. Sharing a movie with a friend. Yeah, maybe.

      I think you may be mistaken on Blu-ray, but I guess we'll actually see how this pans out...


    • Well, I guess we will just have to agree to disagree. The majority of people want the media in hand. If I have the option of downloading a CD, or purchasing one, I always go for the disc. It's more versatile. You can put the disc on a hard drive, ipod, or any storage device. But, you can also take the disc in your car, where maybe you don't have an ipod, or even a buddies car.

      One more thing woodie. Just curious...if you hate Sony so much, and feel like they're ripping off the world with Blu Ray....why are you even in the SNE section? And that's a serious question.

    • Ok... I just purchased the Milli Vanilli CD... I'm listening to it in my car, but I also want to listen to Def Leppard and Judas Priest.

      Problems solved: Since I have these MP3's on my computer, I can just burn a custom CD and listen to it in my car (and toss it when I make a new mix). Or, I could put the songs on an MP3 player and listen to it in my car. Why have the CD in hand?

      As far as posting on this board... I thought this was America. I don't expect every/anyone to accept my point of view, but it is a point of view worth contemplating. Sony is an over priced rip off. Sony manipulates partnerships and screws the customer in the long run. HD-DVD's were $15 and the quality was just as good as Blu-Ray. BRD are $25-30 and the quality is just as good as HD-DVD. Why is HD gone? Because Sony manipulates the movie studios to beneifit Sony, not the consumer (of course, many would call this business as usual, which is fine).

      The same goes for the PS3. Lets make the PS3 $600 to start since we know everyone wants Blu-ray, right? Wrong. If Sony would have installed a regular DVD player in the PS3, and priced it at $299, Sony might be outselling 360, and might actually have a good collection of games. Instead, Sony screws the consumer. You don't want your "Game Console" to actually play games do you? You really want it to play a Proprietary Blu-Ray disc, right? Wrong.

      Ever buy a Sony Walkman or DVD player recently? Breaks in a year. Cheaply made, over priced junk.


    • stockwoodie...haha your comments are spend more time on the SNE messageboard than sony fans!

      Here is why HD-DVD's were priced below blu-rays....BECAUSE MICROSOFT WAS LOSING THE HD-FORMAT WAR AGAINST SONY...and they were trying to do whatever to make up some ground. MARK MY WORDS...if Microsoft won the HD format, the discs would be priced similar to the Blu-rays.

      And yes I have purchased a sony walkman (back in the early 90's) and although I never really use still works.

      Sony's PS3 plays GAMES, Blu-rays, Internet, & Music....unlike what you seem to not understand, that just because it doesnt have "halo" it doesnt play "games." go talk on the MSFT messageboard!

    • more comment. Sony didnt choose to have a regular dvd player in there for a reason...they wanted it to be NEXT-GENERATION...they wanted it to last for years. So although they priced the PS3 higher than the 360, to get all of the same stuff, the 360 would have been more! I'm glad sony included blu-ray, because it helped them win the HD format too!

    • Sony fanboi. As usual, the customer gets screwed by Sony.

      MSFT wasn't losing any battles at the very beginning, yet the prices were still $15 compared to the $30 blu-ray, so I think you're argument doesn't hold too much water. I guess we'll never know about "future" pricing your so sure about.

      Sure...your walkman from the 90's works... But I don't have any cassettes to play in my 90's walkman. How about any Sony products you've purchased since 2000? All junk.

      PS3 plays games, but the game selection is POOR. Sony is supposedly going to have a huge lineup this year, but I'm assuming it will all get pushed to 2009....since just about all PS3 game dates seemed to get pushed.

      I never said anything about Halo, so I don't know where you're getting that. Yes, it's a 360 exclusive that's very popular, but I think COD4 has become even more popular, and it's available for both 360 and PS3.

      PS3 would have been next gen (cell technology) with out the expensive Blu-ra player. Why blue tooth? There aren't any "universal" remotes that work with BT. Great thinking.

      PS3 network is WAY, WAY behind anything the XBOX live service offers. PS3 games are WAY, WAY behind 360 selection. Music? I have music on my PC and connect wirelessly using my 360. I can play music on my 360 from my PC, without having to upload it to my 360. Try that on a PS3. Internet...that's a given.

      Why didn't Sony just create a stand alone Blu-Ray player like 360 did... That way the CONSUMER would have the choice of CHOOSING blu-ray or not? Oh wait, I know, because they don't give a crap about the consumer. Oh wait, I know, because NOBODY would have purchased the BRP. Instead, Sony shoved it down your throat.

      Get a clue. I'm sure your glad your spent double the amount you should have "HAD" to spent. Keep telling yourself that.


    • Keep up that repurchase program of yours when you do NOT HAVE TO!

      Keep up the game. Different board with similar mo.

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