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  • delistforgood delistforgood Jun 24, 2008 2:01 AM Flag

    Support New HD Standards, No Sony

    Based on past experiences, never trust Sony. The entire industry sucking in.
    Boycott Sony and expensive Blu-Ray. There are many problems. We must support Worldwide HD formats.

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    • Another post from Woodrow based soley on his own opinions.

    • Facts are facts, but you can spin them any way you like :)


    • Oh Woody. Just calm down. I respect your "points". It's not that I don't like them, they are quite entertaining actually. But honestly Woodrow, your "points" are just flat out wrong. That's all I'm saying. If you're going to be passionate about something, it's always best to have correct facts, not just opinions. You know what opinions are like.......

    • I'm glad I'm good for a laugh...

      < why do you post on an SNE message board? >
      Because I have important things to say about Sony... I'm sorry if you don't like my "points", but the truth is sometimes hard to swallow (make witty joke here).

      Please put me on ignore... Hiding behind blinders sounds like a good approach for you.


    • Woody, I continue to read your post's, and I continue to laugh. You are so far off the mark, it's hilarious. I'm not going to respond to anymore of your "points", it's just not worth it. But i will ask one more question. If you hate Sony so much, and feel they are the devil himself....why do you post on an SNE message board? Do you own SNE stock or something? I just don't understand why you are here.

    • Those 2 games are over 10GB (MGS / Resistance), I think Heavenly Sword is too...

      Take a look at all the games on 360...they're definitely not over 10GB and many of them are also released on PS3 (except for the nearly double about of exclusive 360 titles vs PS3).

      The problem with such large games is they are EXPENSIVE to produce, not just making the game, but producing the video/cgi. Both Resistance and MGS will be fine.... Heavenly Sword didn't fare so well. Not sure if we'll see HS2.

      My point is, blu-ray may be for the exception, not the rule.


    • Stockwoodie,

      I've been trying to find info on game sizes for PS3 and you have any links to back up your statement that 1% of games are greater than 10GB? I find that hard to believe now, since resistance was a launch title and was ~20GB. How big was MGS?

    • Yes. Realistically, 3-4 more years for 360 and PS3. Technology changes quickly these days.

      Trust me, BR will be obsolete in 10 years. That's funny. HD on demand is on it's way. Unlimited Netflix downloads to my 360. VOD through my cable company. I'm sure there will be new HD compression standards that reduce the size of HD.

      The only stuff you had to download for GTA was the patch. So, you're not going to get the Exclusive Download Content for GTA4 when it's release? Oh wait, you can''s only for XBOX 360. I download games, trailers, videos, etc... through XBOX Live all the time and it's fast... no big deal. A huge hard drive would benefit more PS3 and 360.

      There is probably on 1% of games that need more than 10GB of space... I wouldn't call the oodles and oodles of downloads. No big deal. Just hit download and it's done in a short time, or download it in the background without the user even knowing about it.

      The only reason a lot of people have a PS3 is because they did want a Blu-ray player. They don't play games, they watch movies. That's fine. It's actually cheaper to buy a PS3 for a BRP than it is to buy a stand alone BRP. That's about to change though...BRP are getting cheaper.

      Not making the PS3 cheaper has been it bigest mistake.


    • Playstation 2 lasted 7 years before Playstation 3 was even released. I think its fair to say, PS3 contains much more next-gen technology that PS2, so I do not see why an 8-10 year lifespan is not realistic. That being said, its 2 years into it already.

      You say, "To be more realistic, these "next gen" consoles realistically have about a 5 year life span." I do not understand how you can say thats more realistic. Its already 2 years into its lifespan...and you only predict 3 more years?!?

      Your last statement is what PS3 is all about, "The PS3 may have been "ahead" of it's time, but it's really over kill right now." Yeah, its gonna take a while for everyone to get HDTV's and to buy blu-rays instead of dvd's...but Sony is planning on an 8-10 year lifespan, so they WANTED TO INCLUDE TECHNOLOGY THAT WOULDNT BE OBSOLETE IN 10 YEARS.

      I bought GTA4 and I hated the fact that you spent $60 on a game, and then had to download additional stuff immediately when you purchased it...I'm more on the side that I want everything except patches in my game right when I buy downloading GB's at a time would take a long time.

      Haha I dont understand the fact why you are so against blu-ray. If we played by your standards and had regular dual-layer DVD's as games and had to download oodles of additional content, then we wouldn't have HD movies either..without purchasing an additional blu-ray player. You do know that if they had it seperate, blu-ray and ps3...the price would be more, it wouldnt just be a simple 300 & 300 to get to the PS3 price of 600.

      You say, " They could have easily released the PS3 with a standard DVD @ $300, then released a blu-ray added on for another $300. I guarantee that 80%, of not more, of the people purchasing PS3 would have went with the $300 version to play games. " I find that incredibly hard to believe...all of my friends with PS3 play games and watch blu-rays (everyone has at least 3-4 blu-rays), and the parents I know that own a PS3 own it for blu-ray movies only. I'd say 95% of the people who purchased a PS3 are extremely happy with it and are happy they included technology that will be around for a long time.

    • A standard dual layer DVD hold 10GB. There are probably less than 1% of games that require more than 10GB.

      So you're saying, for that 1% of games, we should make everyone buy a blu-ray player, which probably added about $300 to the cost of the PS3? Doesn't make sense.

      They could have easily released the PS3 with a standard DVD @ $300, then released a blu-ray added on for another $300. I guarantee that 80%, of not more, of the people purchasing PS3 would have went with the $300 version to play games.

      Why not add a huge hard drive to the PS3? Or an upgradeable hard drive? Why not 500GB? Then, I would buy the 10GB game and download any additional content from the internet for free and store it on my huge hard drive... Why not do that? That's basically whats being done today, but on a much smaller scale (ie How many GB's does the GTA4 patch require?) A not as slick option would be to include up to 5 DVD's with game... Only disc 1 would be required to play the game, the rest could be downloaded to you hard drive.

      To be more realistic, these "next gen" consoles realistically have about a 5 year life span. I know, I know, but what about the PS2. The PS2 is thriving only because the PS3 is not selling well. People are keeping their PS2's until the PS3 price point gets realistic.

      Too bad Sony can't make a PS3 without blu-ray's too late since all the games are one blu-ray. I would be interesting to see Sony PS3 sales sky rocket if they offered an NON BR PS3 @ $200. It would probably be outselling the Wii by now.

      3-4 years from now when the XBOX 720 is released, non of this will even matter. The PS3 may have been "ahead" of it's time, but it's really over kill right now. Sony is more than 1 year into it's 5-6 year long term vision, and it's not fairing well.


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