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  • jpmoy99 jpmoy99 Jul 30, 2008 12:15 PM Flag

    PS3 Sucks

    Sony has become increasingly reliant on video games to shore up its profit.

    And its PS3 is performing horribly against Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii.

    Don't believe me? Walk into a Gamestop (a video game store chain), Best Buy, or another electronics chain. Ask the kids what gaming platform they prefer.

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    • Your crazy, nothing looks and acts as classy as a PS3, and it comes with an Blu Ray player. They also started adding downloadable content which is cool too. I have a PS3 since Dec 2007 and loving it.

    • I wouldnt say the PS3 sucks, but the price is too steep for a console. The only thing its a cheap BR player outside of those high prices so in that sense a bargain!


      Speaking in light of The NPD Group’s latest hardware figures for July, Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) CEO and President Jack Tretton has revealed that year-to-date hardware sales of the PlayStation 3 have grown by a total of 99 per cent.

      The company’s flagship gaming console outsold Microsoft Corp’s Xbox 360 for yet another month in the U.S, clocking up sales of 224,900, with over 1.8 million PS3 units sold in the territory from January to July 2008.

      “Our year-to-date sales growth of 99% for the PS3 reaffirms that consumers are indeed embracing PS3 as their entertainment hub-of-choice with its feature-rich offerings like Blu-ray and our recently announced video delivery service," said Tretton.

      "With an unmatched software line-up that includes LittleBigPlanet, SOCOM: Confrontation, Resistance 2 and MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, and the anticipated launch of our new 80GB PS3 model, we're confident in a strong second half of the year and look forward to quickly addressing any inventory shortages due to the transition."

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      • 360 still better than the ps3? HA!

        It wouldn't be accurate to say that the sky is falling for Microsoft's one and only gaming console, the 360, but it may be time to look at what the company is doing right... and where it's going wrong. The Sony PlayStation 3 is beginning to chip away at the 360's lead in both software and hardware sales in the US, and that system only seems to be picking up steam. In contrast, the 360 doesn't seem to have much real momentum these days.

        While it's hard to find ways for Microsoft to get its mojo back, we can easily identify a few problem areas that are becoming clear as the 360 ages. These are the weaknesses in Microsoft's strategy that have to be addressed before the system can hope to get its groove back. Let's take a look.

        You have to find your voice
        When the PS3 launched, the 360 was the system with more, better games, and the better online strategy. Microsoft also did a wonderful job in poaching some of gaming's largest franchises. Microsoft even brought this up at its press conference at E3: We have Grand Theft Auto, Devil May Cry, and now Final Fantasy! Look at how we've caught up to Sony!

        The problem is, these games are still on the PlayStation 3, and Microsoft isn't offering much in the way of improvements to these titles. In fact, given that Microsoft bet on the wrong optical format, we don't know how many discs Final Fantasy XIII will take up when the title arrives on the 360. What else does Microsoft have in the way of exclusives? Halo is a system-seller, sure, but Metal Gear Solid IV is still a PS3 exclusive. Microsoft has many solid racing franchises, but nothing like the power that Gran Turismo brings to the system.

        Xbox Live is a great service, but it's not clear that all of its features are needed. While the hardcore complain about Nintendo's friend codes, most mainstream gamers are more than willing to put up with them. And Microsoft's competitors aren't standing still; Home could be the silver bullet that finally gives Sony the edge in online play. The PS3 has one of the most anticipated casual games ever with LittleBigPlanet, and the branding of Sackboy is already amazingly strong.

        Add idiosyncratic games, such as Flower, that are coming to the PS3 and Nintendo's absolute dominance of the casual market, and you have a gaming world where cherry-picking old franchises is no longer enough. Gears of War 2 looks great, but Resistance 2 and Killzone 2 look just as good in terms of scale, graphics, and online play.

    • To let other consumers, that may be interested in Sony, know the facts (or opinions as you call them).

      Over priced products that are cheaply made in China... pawned off to the consumer as "High End". Ridiculous.

      Video Game consoles that are better at playing over priced Blu-Ray movies than playing video games.

      The list goes on and on, but there are a bunch of threads on this message boards that explain the facts...


    • So I ask again. If PS3 sucks so bad, and you guys hate Sony so much. Why are you here again? I hate the Boston Red Sox, but I don't go to their message board to tell them how great the Yankees are. It doesn't make sense to me. Explain?

    • Intelligent.

    • Your opinion is what sucks. Microsoft's Xbox 360 has been a disgraceful failure. It gave up a 10 Million console lead to the Wii, and is being outsold by a couple hundred thousand units every month by the more expensive PS3. PS3 has the best hardware and the best library games. I would not be surprised if MSFT has to discontinue the Xbox 360 due to dropping demand and software sales drying up as people start getting rid of their 360's in exchange for PS3's and Wii.

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      • Worldwide Hardware - Week of July 25, 2008
        XBOX 360 sales: 145,652
        PS3 Sales: 118,065

        If 360 sales are disgraceful, PS3 sales are downright sucky.

        Worldwide Software - Week of July 25, 2008
        XBOX 360 sales: 1.08 M
        PS3 Sales: .8 M (that's .8)

        If 360 sales are disgraceful, PS3 sales are downright sucky.

        Wii appeals to a different market than PS3 and 360 so it's really hard to compare the three consoles equally.

        The PS3 hardware to software sales ratio is much less than the 360...that's because more people buy games for the 360, probably because the selection is much larger.


    • You must have missed my post earlier in the thread that shows PS3 is still lagging behind every console, but the old Xbox and old PS2... PS3 has only 2 games in the top 25 seller list, and has a total of 5 in the top 50 which is really really bad.

    • The PS3 software / hardware sales ratio isn't doing great compnare to the 360 or Wii. Probably because there aren't many good games for the PS3 right now... Sure, they keep promising there will be a plethora of games this year, but I have yet to see the huge influx. MGS was their big seller, but that has fizzled now too.

      Try Halo 3 "Live" instead of campaign (same goes for COD4). Try them online and your kid will never want to play campaign again...who knows, that may be the only game you need to buy for a kid if you give him a $50/year subscription to XBOX Live. Warning: Depending on your kids age, you might want to setup the Live Family Settings so s/he can not hear others talking...there can (and will) be some crazy stuff said into the headset.


    • the reason why i said, "he needs to search", is because since january 08, the ps3 has been selling more than the 360. i already knew that the 360 has more units sold worldwide then the ps3. its no surprise considering it was released 1 year earlier. if you go back and read the topic makers statement. he says that "PS3 is performing horribly against Microsoft's Xbox 360". which is not true for this year. and with a few more big titles coming towards the end of the year. im sure that the ps3 will still sale more then the 360.

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