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  • stockwoodie stockwoodie Oct 17, 2008 10:38 AM Flag

    Ironman at Costco...

    I was at Costco this weekend and the blu-ray Ironman DVD was priced at $27.99... at Costco.

    Give me a break. That should be $19.99 TOPS. I think it should be more like $14.99. No wonder blu-ray isn't selling.


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    • I love spending my time looking to shave $8 off a movie that is over priced to begin with. That is Sony's problem...everything is over priced. BR should be about $2-3 more than the standard DVD.

      I rented Ironman for $2 at Hollywood Video (plus I saw it in the theater)... I don't need to buy it. I can rent Ironman 10 times for it's current low price of $19.99.

      They do have about 20 blu-ray movies (small, small section) at my Hollywood video, but I don't know how much they rent for... maybe $1 more?



      You got your wish Woodie...Ironman for 19.99 on Blu-ray...NEW!

      Now ya gonna run and get a PS3?!

      I'll also add that Transformers is for the same price as well on Blu-ray.

      I've never said I want high blu-ray prices...of course being a PS3 owner, I'd like cheap blu-rays. But I do understand that blu-ray is a new, superior technology, so it should be more expensive than DVD's.

      Woodie says 14.99, I say thats a low considering most DVD's are more than that at release. I do think 34.99 is high, but thats only some stores. Shop around and you can find deals on blu-ray...I think ~25 bucks is probably about normal for a new release blu-ray.

    • I never said I wanted HD-DVD to win... I want the consumer to win. I really don't care who won, all I know is that the consumer is paying for it with $27.99 BRD's (even though they aren't selling well).

      When I'm watching a movie, I could care less that a BR holds 50GB (I do care that it takes forever to start the movie). 50GB is great if you're burning your own DVD for backup purposes or something. Sure, BR probably costs a little more (even though HD-DVD didn't cost more and held 30GB), but that's why I say charge $2-3 more than a regular DVD.

      Toshiba is working on a "new" upconverting DVD player that apparently works great. You can play your old DVD format and it looks especially good. This is not the normal upconversion we're used to seeing right now... I'm curious to see how it fares...I'm sure a lot of people would be upconverting their DVD's instead of repurchasing $20-30 BRD's.

      Go consumer.


    • Since you think the only increase in cost is slightly better video/sound and using a blue much should the disc capacity increase the cost as well?

      Do you think it costs more money to transfer copy the large files onto a disc?

      Just an FYI...because in the past you compared HD-DVD to blu-ray and wanted HD-DVD format to win...take a look at their prices at best buy...even after its a DEAD format. $30+ for a lot!||48442d445644&list=y&nrp=15&sc=movieSP&sp=-bestsellingsort+skuid&usc=cat02015

    • Trust me, they are making money...

      I'm not saying they should be $14.99 across the board... They should be $2-3 more than the standard DVD price. Sure, new releases are going to be more, but 50% more? That's a little steep for using a blue laser and creating slightly better resolution/sound.

      ...and by the way, the BMW and Ford comparison is funny.


    • Bluray is selling putz, why do you think there are so many models of players from multiple manufacturers (not to mention why 1080p tvs are the hottest sellers...even though the only thing capable of 1080p is a BLURAY disc at this point).

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      • You can rent 1080p VOD through Dish Network. More to come from your local cable provider...

        There are several models, models that aren't selling very well... There are only 2.5 million standalone (non PS3) players sold in the U.S. Dismal. I did see a Samsung at Costco today for about $225. Getting cheaper, but they need to be about $125, and movies need to be about $14.99. Sony is plain stupid for not lower prices this Christmas...This season is going to make/break Sony.

        Movies are too expensive... Quality isn't that much better... Sony has lost it's good reputation...

        Everyone I know has a 1080p TV, but no blu-ray.


    • Hey, Woodie, save up $400 and get a PS3 this Christmas. You have not "seen" Ironman, Hellboy II, or Sukiyaki Western Django until you have viewed it on Blu-Ray. Who says you have to buy the disc at Costco. Rent it at Blockbuster. Even naked women look better on BD.

    • Who wouldn't?


    • Stockwoodie,

      Theres always going to be superior quality and then mediocre quality for cheaper prices. Its just a matter if its worth it to you (the consumer) to spend extra money to get high quality tv's, movies, sound systems.

      You can harp all you want about overpriced and what not, but when you go to the store and see blu-ray right next to a dvd....there is a difference.

      We can relate your argument to the car industry. Why get a BMW when a Ford will work? They both drive, they both will have audio, they both with probably look nice....but to a lot of people they want to buy the nicer option.

      Its alright, we understand that you dont want to put your money into'd rather save it to buy some h00kers to watch your mediocre setup with!

    • Pretty funny. You display your Sony items like they are some kind of prize... They are over priced products that fools buy (at least they have been for the past few years). Same goes for BDI furniture... who cares? You probably have an iPhone too... You must think you're pretty cool when you're sitting in your living room all by your self, watching a "crisp" movie, with no body to call, or get calls from.

      I don't know if my Onkyo Home Theater supports LPCM or not, but I do know it has all the functionality I was looking for and sounds great... You can look for yourself if it will make you feel superior:

      I never said upconversion looked as good as blu-ray, but it's REALLY, REALLY close... All I'm saying is, my Ironman looked "crisp" and sounded "crisp"... and it cost me $2 to rent. Now you have a $27 BRD of Ironman you can put in the closet, or watch my yourself, over and over and over.


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