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  • goneforis goneforis May 3, 2010 2:09 AM Flag

    Pachter: Xbox 360 Slim is coming

    Speaking on the latest episode of GameTrailer’s Pach Attack, Wedbush Morgan Analyst Michael Pachter has said that he believes that the long-rumored Xbox 360 Slim is in fact real and will be bundled with Project Natal and a 250 GB hard drive, all for around $299.


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    • Well, you might want to take a look here...

      # of titles >= 75 metacritic points
      360 - 78
      PS3 - 38

      # of titles < 75 metacritic points
      360 - 140
      PS3 - 20

      Now... were you laughing? Sure, there is definitely some junk thrown in there on the 360, but the # of exclusives the 360 has over the PS3 is TREMENDOUS.

      Oh yeah... More studios does not equal more exclusives. Get your facts straight.


    • lmao @ u saying xbox has as many exclusives

      sony has so many more studio's its not even funny

    • The PS3 has only recently (after $100 price drop) been outselling the 360... The WW sales of XBOX over PS3 doesn't even compare (nor does the attach rate, where companies really make their money).

      The arcade can be purchased for under $199 all day long... A fine example is at Amazon:

      Exclusives? The 360 has just as many exclusives, if not more... I think Microsoft intentionally didn't drop prices when Sony was pretty much forced to late last year (ie companies threatening to not make games for PS3 because it wasn't selling enough units). Just wait a couple of months... I'm guessing there will be a 360 price drop somewhere along the way. This won't bode well for Sony because they really can't afford to drop their price anymore.

      Rumors? I guess no HD and no Wifi are rumors... they must be true. Not. I'm only posting the facts.


    • xbox360 arcades are 199.99 and yet the ps3 slim still outsells xbox's worldwide?

      there is also rumored to be another v2.0 of the arcades with no wifi and no hd ( have fun with MS raping you)

      things are changing games are being made on the PS3 now for multiplatform then being ported to xbox360 ..... *Crysis 2* *Medal of Honor * and MORE

      the reason the ps3 is outselling the xbox is because of the PS3 exclusives you moron , Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain, God of War III, MLB the SHOW

    • Ofcourse .. 720 will be what PS3 has been for last 10 years ,,

      with 720 they will be at par with PS3 .. uuntil then its a sub standard piece of hardware which offers nothing special and nickel and dime for every thing ..
      The only commendable thing about xbox is their warranty policy ..
      every one gets to use it once ..

    • Did you even read my post? If MSFT does offer BR, it will be because it's CHEAP. You can buy a BR player for $100 these days...

      XBOX has sold more units and games than PS3... It also has a higher attach rate to it's software (see HW/SW ratio below).
      360 attach rate - 8.90
      PS3 attach rate - 7.02

      They have to give PSN away for free because no one would pay for it... While 360 get $50/head for people that "want" to use their service.

      Anyways, I've played the PS3 with it's crappy controllers... PS3 does have some good games now, at least they have that going for them. The first 2 years of PS3 were a HUGE joke for Sony. That's another reason it didn't sell well.

      I mean really, $179 for an XBOX 360 arcade version is hard to beat... More, and better games to play than PS3 as well. I guess it's a matter of opinion, but I still think the 360 has a lot more to offer than the PS3.

      ...can't wait for an XBOX 720 in a couple of years... PS3 will still be in it "10 year cycle"...

    • So basically you agree to what I have been saying for ever that Xbox is just a piece of shit and they are trying to catchup to PS3.

      And soon enough they will add BD too and you will eat your own dust once again. Just like your wireless comments

    • Yeah and the xbox360 "slim" is still priced at $299.99

      the PS3 has nothing to worry about its now profiting on each console sold.

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      • Sony has nothing to worry about? Are you kidding me? They have lots to worry about with their proprietary, over priced, cheaply made products. PS3 is only a small portion of what Sony is "trying" to do.

        Anyways, the summer months are kinda slow for the VG sector and I'm expecting an XBOX price drop somewhere around October. That will seal the deal.

        XBOX slim now has built in Wireless N capabilities and a replaceable 250GB hard drive. All set up and ready to support Kinect as well.


    • just a test

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