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  • OnlineKnowledge OnlineKnowledge Apr 9, 2012 10:22 AM Flag

    American CEO - lousy pick

    Someone remarked that quality of Sony products, which used to be superior to others has really detiriorated. The temptations to boost individual quarters' result by slashing expenses (e.g. quality, customer support) are too strong for corporate hacks. Please note, Sony has an american CEO. So, you can see where the brutal cost cutting influence is coming from, while customer loyalty is taken for granted and even scorned. So, don't think that American corporate governance is all about innovation there is brute, dark side to it too. Sony is led by 70-year old Howard Stringer! He will do to Sony what that Persi executive did to Apple when they kicked out Jobs. He almost run Apple into the ground, Sony will have same fate, unless they kicj themselves in the head and remember what industry they are in.

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    • ISn't this amazing?
      Bring in a new CEO, pay him thru the nose and all he has is cut jobs!
      Fine, but how far can you cut down everything?
      He is not saying anything about how SNE will grow! Can anyone tell that idiot there is a limit to cutting costs - there is a floor. Concentrate on revenue building.
      Take your profit and run.
      Oh, does anyone know if they have valuable patents like those of AOL? Other than that, what is there to make you positive here!!!!!!!!!

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