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  • thinker516 thinker516 Apr 9, 2012 6:41 PM Flag

    Sony "Tech Support" example...sad at best.

    Rant, for your entertainment.

    SONY Tech Support for CDX-M10 Marine Stereo:

    Hi, Ive fused the yellow power wire with a small fuse (0.5A) and it has blown in service three times. I thought that this was odd. This line is, as I understand it, only for power for the memory of the unit. The switched power (red) line, I assumed, provided the bulk of the current. In any case, the yellow line fuse blows when I play music loud. WHAT IS THE MAX CURRENT IN EACH OF THESE TWO POWER LINES?

    You are chatting with Jess - ( C467 ).
    Sony Electronics
    2:47 PM Connecting...
    2:47 PM Connected. A support representative will be with you shortly.
    2:47 PM Support session established with Jess - ( C467 ).
    2:47 PM Jess - ( C467 ):
    Hi. Welcome to Sony Online Support. I’m Jess.
    2:47 PM Jess - ( C467 ):
    Please allow me a moment to review your concern.
    2:48 PM Customer:
    Okay Jess
    2:49 PM Jess - ( C467 ):
    Thanks for waiting. I will provide you the information about the Yellow and the Red wires in the Marine stereo.
    2:49 PM Jess - ( C467 ):
    Please let me know if you are installing the stereo unit for the first time.
    2:50 PM Customer:
    No, it has been used for some time.
    2:51 PM Jess - ( C467 ):
    Thanks for the information.
    2:52 PM Jess - ( C467 ):
    Please let me know if you have already installed the marine stereo in the vehicle.
    2:53 PM Customer:
    Yes, the marine stereo is installed in the vehicle.
    2:53 PM Jess - ( C467 ):
    The specification of the Marine stereo mentions that it is 23.2 watts per channel.
    2:54 PM Jess - ( C467 ):
    The 4 channels are driven from 20hz to 20khz of frequency.
    2:54 PM Jess - ( C467 ):
    It is including with not more than 5% of distortion.
    2:54 PM Customer:
    WTF? Are you a robot?
    2:55 PM Jess - ( C467 ):
    No, I am for real.
    2:55 PM Customer:
    There are two power wires. What is the max current draw for each?
    2:57 PM Jess - ( C467 ):
    It will be in the range of mili volts, we do not have the exact information about this.
    2:59 PM Jess - ( C467 ):
    It appears we may have been disconnected. Please respond so that I can confirm our connection.
    3:00 PM Customer:
    I'm not disconnected.
    3:00 PM Jess - ( C467 ):
    Thanks for the confirmation.
    3:01 PM Customer:
    I need to know the AMPS. Voltage is set by the system (12 - 14 VDC). Are you familiar with electronics?
    3:01 PM Jess - ( C467 ):
    Yes, I am. I have provided you the approximate value.
    3:01 PM Customer:
    Of what?
    3:01 PM Customer:
    The value of what?
    3:01 PM Jess - ( C467 ):
    I am sorry; we are not having the exact information about this.
    3:02 PM Customer:
    Solve this equation IR=?
    3:03 PM Customer:
    3:03 PM Customer:
    How about another tech support option?
    3:05 PM Jess - ( C467 ):
    In that case please contact a professional marine stereo installer to get the exact information.
    3:06 PM Customer:
    Yea, cause he will care. How the hell will he know? I contacted a "professional marine stereo manufacturer" for information about THEIR stereo that THEY designed and made. Seriously. You are useless.
    3:06 PM Customer:
    Print this and paste it on the wall of the cave for me.
    3:07 PM Jess - ( C467 ):
    I am sorry; we are not having the exact information about this.

    3:09 PM Jess - ( C467 ):
    Please let me know if there are any further concerns,
    3:09 PM Customer:
    Yea. I have one more concern.
    3:10 PM Jess - ( C467 ):
    Sure, please go ahead.
    3:10 PM Customer:
    When, if ever, will we discontinue allowing accountants and corporate pirates to push our civilization over the edge?

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