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  • aosjdhdjduryffjfjfj aosjdhdjduryffjfjfj Apr 11, 2012 12:00 AM Flag

    sony is the next EASTMAN KODAK

    Sony will ultimately spin-off movie studios which is valued at 4 dollars a share.

    the electronics and t.v. Division is worth 2 dollars a share.

    video games is worth 1 dollar a share.

    total break-up value is between 8 and 9 bucks.

    i am short sony at current levels. Way too much competition.

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    • Some steps to fix Sony (a little bit)...

      1. Stop making proprietary peripherals. It costs a lot of money to developer your own "personal" hardware. It also upsets consumers because they have to buy "special Sony" stuff.

      2. Lower the price of Blu-ray discs. Make them ALL $9.99 ALL the time. New releases could be $11.99. NOTHING priced higher than that. Sell volume.

      3. Lower prices to be competitive. Sony is NOT a "premium" brand anymore (not since around 2000). Get over it.

      4. Put a phone in the PS Vita. Why did they not do this? Vita would be cool, but carrying around a phone and a Vita is a joke. The $300 Vita price tag could be subsidized by a 2 year phone contract, maybe selling it for $49-99.

      That's a start, but maybe too late.


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      • Yep, the MORE Employees they cut, the more they scale back, the less affordable becomes their army of "salary-men" in Japan all expecting their government-employee-sized-Pensions. It may not be as fast as Kodak's decline, as sales of Sony products are not going "off a cliff" as were sales of Film, but its similar.

        The more SONY shrinks its work-force, the more unaffordable the retirees become to the company, so more losses...etc. Spiral down.

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